Secure Digital Transformation : How to get the best out of the latest Microsoft Teams news in your organization's business processes

March 11, at 12:00 PM - 45 min

We are all clear that the current situation has changed the work habits of most organizations. In a direct way, it has forced companies to reimagine the way they work, especially with regard to collaboration, remote work and improving their security posture; and consequently to accelerate your secure digital transformation.

That is why we began our series of digital events on Secure Digital Transformation with one dedicated to recent developments in Microsoft Teams and how they provide an advantage to improve our organization's processes by facilitating its digital transformation.

True to our commitment to you, our Microsoft 365 specialists are preparing this digital event by selecting the most relevant and avoiding technicalities, so that it is understandable and of maximum use to you.

Webinar agenda

  • The latest in Microsoft Teams
  • Demo: Digitized Business Processes Using New Teams Features
  • How to get the most out of Microsoft 365 in your organization
  • Question Time

How and when?

  • When : Next Thursday , March 11 , at 12:00 p.m.
  • How : Online through Teams LiveEvents (attendees DO NOT need to have Teams installed on their computers, a browser is enough)
  • Duration : 45 minutes + question time


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