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Microsoft's leading partner in Spain

SOFTENG participates with SharePoint in the event of SMP "Corporate social networks"

Barcelona, March 27, in the U232 Hotel
The Social Media Point (SMP) is an event which aims to discover why Social Media Marketing is important through clear examples of successful campaigns, applications, trends, etc. On this occasion SMP invited the Director General of Softeng Carlos Colell, as a company that specializes in the implementation of corporate intranets through Microsoft SharePoint.

MICROSOFT and organize the event SOFTENG Office 365 "The cloud as a solution to improve competitiveness"
Barcelona October 18 at the offices of Microsoft
The event, designed for business decision makers and IT managers, attendees will have the opportunity to discover how nontechnical Office 365 helps increase the efficiency and competitiveness of companies by improving collaboration and user productivity by eliminating the pain of IT departments and dramatically reducing the cost of maintaining their current infrastructures.
Portal Builder Softeng presentation at the event from Microsoft: Content Management Systems (CMS) in the cloud with Windows Azure.
On July 5 was broadcast from the event Microsoft Windows Azure CMS Roadshow tour. It presented the content management solutions compatible with Windows Azure, highlighting Softeng Portal Builder as the premier platform for web projects specifically designed for the cloud.
SOFTENG MICROSOFT and organize the event "The new generation of portals in the cloud"
June 7 Barcelona / Madrid June 14
This event will draw the cloud responsible for Marketing and IT companies, allowing them to know its benefits and helping them decide what is the most suitable platform to deploy a web project in Cloud. Alternatives will also be presented according to whether a proposed collaboration and management intranet or a public portal for customers and / or suppliers.
On 6 April in Madrid, IDC analyze the present and future of Cloud Computing in an exclusive event brought which together the most influential IT leaders to discuss, debate and learn about the integration of business in the Cloud. During this event, SOFTENG participated as a case study with world-class organizations like Microsoft, Google, HP, Intel, Accenture and Indra among others, explaining their experience of the process of moving a large application such as Softeng Portal Builder to the cloud, with Microsoft Windows Azure.
SOFTENG participates in the "Fast Track to the Cloud" event along with the "Microsoft Innovation Center" and Micrsoft.
This event showcased some of the opportunities offered by the Cloud for improving the competitiveness of companies and the main features of by Windows Azure.
Later, Microsoft Spain demmonstrated the benefits of Microsoft Windows Azure platform, repeatedly praising the work of Softeng and the results obtained by Softeng Portal Builder in scalability and performance in Azure. Later in his speech, the director of Softeng explained why Softeng Portal Builder was the first case of success in Spain, its, the benefits of moving to the cloud and the reasons for chosing Microsoft Windows Azure. Finally, the director general stressed the fact that it is vital that applications are designed to run on Cloud, in order to achieve true scalability and reduce consumption of resources in the cloud.
Microsoft shows off the performance of Softeng Portal Builder in its cloud platform, Windows Azure
At the event "Destination cloud" held in Madrid on March 9th, Microsoft outlined solutions offered to businesses that benefit from this new paradigm. In one of these sessions, Softeng featured when Microsoft showed off how a web project created with Softeng Portal Builder in the cloud, supports 25,000 users with fast response times and minimum consumption of resources.

The event gave me the opportunity to know all the news of Office 365 and Azure through very interesting demos. Both the presentations and the location of the event, I found very good. I would definitely recommend it.

Miguel Ángel Hernández | Resp IT ZEPPELIN TV

Softeng always manages to combine, in a magisterial way, interesting content, very good technical means in the rooms where they are held, and the great expertise of its staff, so that the event is tremendously useful, instructive and enjoyable.


The event in general was very interesting. The live demos and the explanations of the specialists help to easily understand the most complicated issues. The location of the event, located in the center and well connected, is perfect.

Yolanda Martínez | IT Director ARNAL

After polling various partners we decided on Softeng; they with their knowledge are helping us to implement and understand Office 365 and to change our digital culture.

Jo rdi de Martín | ICT Area Director FIATC

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