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How to promote digital transformation in your company through a modern job

The job has undergone major changes in recent years and in an increasingly demanding market, adapting to the new digital culture by training your employees with tools so that they can offer the company all its potential and experience is a key requirement for guarantee its competitiveness and an essential part of the digital transformation .

In this article we tell you what this new digital culture consists of and the advantages for your company.



Microsoft 365 Business: Collaboration, mobility and security in a single solution for companies with less than 300 employees

To respond to the needs of companies and increase the protection of their confidential information, Microsoft offers a solution that provides the best productivity tools and modern collaboration with Office 365, advanced security and device management.

In this article we have the details of the platform.



Microsoft 365 Enterprise: The secure and intelligent collaboration platform for large companies

It is the flagship of Microsoft's strategy to boost the new modern workplace, a platform that includes the enterprise range of Office 365, Windows 10 and EMS, the most complete set of collaboration, analysis and security, which applies artificial intelligence to the day by day of workers to facilitate productivity.

In this article we detail its features and editions.



It's time to move to Microsoft Teams

In mid-2017, Microsoft announced the merger of Skype Empresarial and Microsoft Teams with the goal of gradually turning Teams into the main customer for " Smart Communications " in Office 365 . As a result of this merger process, Microsoft has begun to discontinue the plans of Skype for Business and, shortly, will announce that the time has come for the final transition to Teams and, therefore, companies that have not made the change already They will have little room for maneuver .

In this article we tell you the details.



Summary of our event: "How to accelerate the digital transformation of your company" with Microsoft 365 and Azure

At the beginning of March we celebrated in Barcelona and Madrid a new edition of our event "How to accelerate the digital transformation of your company", this year focused on all security and compliance news and discovering the new modern workplace with Microsoft 365.

In this article we tell you the key aspects of each of the presentations.



Grefusa has the support of Softeng in its digitization process

The Valencian company Grefusa leads the snack and snack business in Spain and is among the first European companies in its sector. Its differentiation strategy is its commitment to constant innovation, revitalizing the market with innovative proposals. In line with its strategy to boost innovation, Grefusa has spent time betting on Office 365 to carry out its digital transformation, also relying on Softeng as its trusted partner in the cloud.

Discover in this article what the IT manager of Grefusa thinks about Softeng.


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