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Softeng easily renews your website thanks to Portal Builder
Softeng easily renews your website thanks to Portal Builder


Just a few days ago we renewed our website with the aim of offering a more up-to-date space, clearly highlighting the value of our 3 areas of specialization as well as the new cloud solutions that we have prepared for you. In addition, the new Softeng website presents a user-oriented design and simplified navigation that facilitates the consultation of the contents in an agile and fluid way.

From the marketing department we can affirm that the renovation has been done with little effort and autonomously, without the intervention of the consulting and web engineering team.

All this has been possible thanks to the new and powerful visual composition of Portal Builder , which has allowed us to change the appearance and contents of our website easily as well as to visually create new pages and covers. What's more. The translation of the website into Catalan and English has been done automatically , saving us a great deal of work hours.

Softeng Portal Builder ™ is the evolution of content management systems as it drives companies through the web. With Portal Builder we have websites, increasing the business and enjoying autonomy and productivity in the management of our website.

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