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Cómo evitar sufrir la paradoja del castillo de naipes para garantizar la seguridad digital

With the new paradigm of hybrid work and the acceleration of digitization, new strategic needs have arisen, such as cybersecurity , which, in many cases, companies still do not have as a priority and generates what we call the house of cards paradox : putting the focus solely on the business without protecting the corporate environment susceptible to any external cyber threat or internal security incident. How to avoid it?

We share 3 keys to avoid suffering the paradox of the house of cards:


1 - Create a culture of digital trust

For many companies, cybersecurity still requires a change in mentality that must be supported by the company's management to promote a culture of digital trust. And this must become an important asset for companies to understand cybersecurity risks and equip employees with the right tools and training to be part of the solution. Zooming in on the impact that a security incident can have, it could produce an operational stoppage, a leak of sensitive information to third parties, even a reputational crisis with its consequent loss of trust on the part of customers, among other risks.

For this reason, it is vital to promote a culture of digital trust to facilitate the adoption of a Zero Trust security model , where the leadership of the cybersecurity manager is key to promoting change and guaranteeing the involvement of the different business areas, aligning all the company.


2 - Adopt a Zero Trust security model

Once culture has been consolidated as the engine of change, the priority is to increase and maintain the level of digital trust necessary for the business. How? With a Zero Trust security model , evolving from traditional and reactive security based on trust - because it is no longer effective - to proactive security, under the premise of never trusting anything or anyone, focused on data and identity, and based on continuous verification to protect all potential attack surfaces.


3 - Enhance security by simplifying its complexity thanks to the Microsoft cloud

Security is complex due to the large number of solutions and products that exist from different providers and the integration between them; the sophistication of the threats; the technological training and knowledge that its management requires; the dedication required to evaluate and rule out false alarms, etc. From IDC Research Spain, they point out that the solution undoubtedly goes through the cloud with a holistic platform.

This is where the Microsoft cloud offers us a single platform to protect all attack surfaces in an integrated manner through integrated, reliable, intelligent, flexible and scalable solutions and applications, and where a business-aligned strategy is essential to move forward on the path adoption of a Zero Trust security model.

Are companies prepared to tackle cybersecurity?

In most companies, they do not have the specialist roles with the know-how or expertise in security solutions to identify, detect and prevent any breach or incident in order to guarantee the cyber -resilience of their house of cards . For this reason, it is key to have a specialist strategic ally who accompanies the company all the way, knows how to simplify the complexity of solutions and how to solve all needs in an agile manner. At Softeng , we accompany our clients by promoting innovation to take advantage of the maximum potential of Microsoft's cloud security solutions.

Leaders across all sectors and industries are increasingly aware of the high value of digital security. Following a Zero Trust model is what will guarantee that the business does not falter and continues on its feet when an attack or security incident occurs; and take it for granted that it will happen.


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Cómo evitar sufrir la paradoja del castillo de naipes para garantizar la seguridad digital

The paradox of the house of cards and the importance of cybersecurity →

Analyzing the paradox of the house of cards in the business context can help us glimpse how fragile any organization is in the face of cyber threats. To address cybersecurity, it is necessary to create a culture of digital trust, adopt a Zero Trust security model.


Cómo evitar sufrir la paradoja del castillo de naipes para garantizar la seguridad digital

Why your company should adopt a Zero Trust security strategy →

Cyberattacks are increasing day by day with more virulence than ever, with more impact for companies and with increasingly millionaire ransoms. Do not take anything for granted, do not trust anything or anyone; This is the slogan of Zero Trust or zero trust, a cybersecurity model that consists of completely eliminating trust from the equation. What can we do in this increasingly complex situation?


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