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"Softeng Portal builder has been created keeping in mind all the important aspects that make a product quality." Since its inception, is has counted with the collaboration of Microsoft which has brought its experience supporting at all project stages, from the definition of the architecture to the optimization of the processes of development.
The introduction of Visual Studio Team systems such as life-cycle management tool has enabled to establish processes and parameters necessary to guarantee the quality of developed software and be able to react to any incident on the same quick and efficient.
But the key to the success of any product is the team behind him. A group of professionals who are passionate about technology and highly qualified staff that they have been able to understand the needs of users and move brilliantly to a product as a Portal Builder CMS.

"The end result is an innovative and highly productive tool that allows the creation of portals and websites quickly and easily, facilitating the management and maintenance tasks at the same time."

Luis Gómez Sanchez.
Premier Services Technical Manager

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