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Cata appliances
Cata appliances
After analyzing various products and solutions, from the departments of Marketing and you are opted for softeng Portal builder platform to carry out the websites of the group. The main reasons were his versatility, productivity, ability to integrate our business and processes for the confidence that we aired behind having a company technically very prepared, close and committed.

Antoni Gili Bigatà
Director of Marketing of household appliances tasting
G3 Tècnics
Tècnics G3, S.L.

"We focus the interest of our company to consolidate and provide scalability to our computer system. Dimensioning our technology needs and provide us with a good technical support and maintenance has been the workhorse in recent years. Adapt a clearly expansive strategic plan a new crisis scenario limiting more aggressively to the desired any action of growth has been the recent months. with the team Softeng are getting adjust the size of our systems and the cost associated with this new scenario, without relinquishing thereby incorporating latest technologies and sufficient capacity to cope with the exit from the crisis with the necessary strength. the proximity and professionalism of the team of Softeng has been a determining factor in reducing conflicts inherent in an implementation of the scale made "

Ferran Espart
Director Corporate Services

Casa Daurada
Casa Daurada

"We had the need to create a new website for CASA DAURADA that we meet not only design of content and management to our potential customers in the Marketing Department, but that we also needed to be an agile and dynamic tool internally." Commissioning a project of such magnitude was an exciting and sometimes risky challenge. We are confident SOFTENG and not only met our expectations but that improved them with the new and expected softeng Portal buildertool. But today we know that the secret of SOFTENG is not only its innovation in technology, we believe that results had not been the same if his team was not as it is: prepared, professional, young, dynamic and involved 100% in the project, since that is born, until his release in March, its maintenance and results. "

Marta Pinto
Department of Marketing and communication

Freelander Solutions Developer
Freelander Solutions Developer

"When Freelander hired Softeng for the performance of our web site we were not aware of the real potential of Portal Builder." Now, a few months later, we have understood that it is not a CMS tool more. By its ease of content positioning in search engines, usability and ease of learning, it is one of the CMS to which we predict further growth in the sector. The solutions proposed by Softeng along with great human and technical value of the members of his team has generated an amazing added value which gives us almost daily contacts from our web site. "Our sincere thanks to the fantastic team of Softeng"

Sebastià Prat
Responsible for Freelander
Grup Congress
Grup Congress

"When Softeng managers asked us to speak of our collaboration have to say that it is a pleasure for us, group and Conference Centre + Incentius, to convey our level of satisfaction." More than 13 years ago that we share a close relationship, first professional, depositing all our confidence in their services and experience. With advice and monitoring of our systems and equipment permanently and on what this means for us that we are constantly traveling, its human and technical support that at all times we have had. "Also because this time did we disfrutásemos of a relationship of friendship, which has allowed us to grow together with our business projects and as individuals"

Lluís Carmona

Davi & Cia
Davi & Cia

"In order to differentiate in addition the new scales designed by Davi & Cia, we propose the development of a software that holds the evolution of the health of the patients of different types of medical clinics." "SOFTENG we have found a serious and methodical, technological Partner who has been able to capture our business ideas and translate our expectations in a value-added service that represents the application Davilogic"

Pepe Masana
Managing Director


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