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Success Story Office 365 in FIATC
The Director of ICT area FIATC think about Softeng:

"We knew we had to make a decision, but we needed someone to give us security and confidence; we will show that our bet was a winning bet for the future; that there would be problems, but also solutions; it was a real commitment to productivity and efficiency. And after probing various partners we decided on Softeng; them with their knowledge are helping us understand and implement Office 365 and change our digital culture. "

Jordi Martin

Office 365 Deployment
Project name Implementation of Office 365
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FIATC is a leading insurance for all existing areas of life of people, both private and professional, with extensive experience of over 80 years in the sector company. The bet of the company by Softeng and messaging platforms and enterprise communications Exchange Online and Skype to migrate to its more than 850 users, has resulted in a success story that is collected in this video which Jordi Martí, CIO of FIATC, tells us how the project and the benefits it has earned the company was developed.  

Key points

The insurer required to modernize its communications systems in order to reduce costs and increase user productivity.

The company chose a solution migration from Lotus Notes to an Exchange hybrid system - Exchange Online, ensuring a smooth migration, minimizing risks and facilitate the progressive adoption of the new platform.
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