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Success story of Office 365 in Grefusa
The Director of control and systems management of GREFUSA thinks about SOFTENG:

"Softeng is currently a strategic partner for Grefusa to facilitate our digital transformation strategy that we started two years ago. After several experiences with different suppliers, we have found in Softeng the perfect partner to join us in our deployment of process improvement plans and development of collaborative solutions on the Office 365 platform. Softeng meets the three requirements that differentiate a supplier from a strategic partner:

  1. They have a team of professionals specialized in Microsoft solutions, who have always guaranteed a successful deployment of projects developed in common, and proactively continuously propose new improvement challenges.
  2. Prioritize knowledge and analysis to the company's business processes before talking about technology and tools.
  3. The professionalism of the entire Softeng team, is accompanied by a business culture very close to Grefusa, and that is based on a human quality of its team that has led us to have a very sincere degree of professional and personal affinity, which makes it unthinkable Grefusa develops Microsoft projects with another technology provider. "

Jorge Fernandez

Office 365 Deployment
Project name Office 365 Deployment

The Valencian company Grefusa leads the snack and snack business in Spain and is among the first European companies in its sector. In line with its strategy of boosting innovation, Grefusa has been betting on Office 365 for a long time to carry out its digital transformation, also trusting Softeng as its trusted partner in the cloud.

Key points

Softeng offered Grefusa a solution with guarantees of success to gain productivity, autonomy, security and flexibility. In addition, with Office 365 collaboration tools, employees share and collaborate more easily, allowing them to make better decisions in a faster way and enhance knowledge and experience, one of the most valuable assets of the company.

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