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Case Study of Office 365 in Miró Appliances
The IT Director of Household Appliances Miró thinks about Softeng:

"With the collaboration of Softeng we have carried out the modernization project of our Exchange server by moving the central office and our stores to the cloud with complete satisfaction and implementing a unified management through a new Active Directory." Professionalism and knowledge Softeng's engineers and their cordial treatment have made adoption to Exchange online very fast and smooth, meeting deadlines, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Softeng! "
Felix Roda

Office 365 Deployment
Project name Implementation Office 365
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The home appliances market Miró leader in selling home appliances and consumer electronics, decided to migrate its more than 200 users to Exchange Online with the help of Softeng. Felix Roda, Director of IT chain, both expressed satisfaction with the platform as the solution offered by Softeng.

Key points

The chain needed to modernize their messaging system to the cloud both at headquarters and in stores. Also, a new Active Directory was implemented to bring a unified management of all its users.

Exchange Online provides the company with the control and flexibility you need simplifying management and protecting your data.

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