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Migrating Applications to Azure

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Azure success story in Zeppelin Tv
The IT Director of Zeppelin TV (Endemol Group) Review Softeng:

"With the help of Softeng have migrated the websites of Big Brother and Big Brother to Azure, having achieved its full availability in times of increased activity, coinciding with the issuance of the galas and the next day, something that is vital for us in line with the commitment made with our audience. And thanks to the solution in the cloud Microsoft, we can adapt the infrastructure to our calendar and real needs at all times, without having to bear the costs of hardware maintenance and energy, and obtaining nearly 80% direct cost savings operational. "

Miguel Angel Hernandez

Migrating Applications to Azure
Project name Azure infrastructure

Zeppelin tv is a leading Spanish company in audiovisual production that covers all types of television genres and has successful productions such as, Big Brother.

The producer has chosen Microsoft Azure to host the website of Big Brother program and its current Vip edition. For this, he has returned to bet on Softeng as partner of cloud services.

Key points

The company had outsourced the hosting of your website Big Brother in the data center of an Internet provider with a non-scalable infrastructure with continuous outages especially in the days when television galas were issued. All these problems caused the producer decided to migrate to Microsoft Azure your website, a robust and scalable platform that has offered more guarantees Zeppelin TV service availability and total security.

With Azure have managed to house their web without investment in infrastructure and no hardware maintenance costs and energy, gaining almost 80% savings over the previous hosting solution.

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