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Azure success story in Noria Group
The IT Group Head of Noria opinion on Softeng:

"The Noria Group, always leading technology, we wanted a solution to migrate our ERP to a cloud infrastructure. In Softeng helped us understand why Azure was better choice than a hoster and during the project, the team of engineers Softeng with the requirements of our engineers, designed and helped deploy the necessary so that our users could use our ERP Cloud proposing optimizations application and database infrastructure needed specifically for Azure.

I want to emphasize that Softeng has done a great job and the experience of working with them has been very rewarding, so we are satisfied with the choice we made for this Partner of Microsoft. Currently, Softeng helps us to successfully manage our infrastructure in Azure and hope to continue counting on them for a long time. "

Ricard Carreras

Infrastructure in Azure
Project name Azure infrastructure

The logistics group Noria is a shopping center specializing in the distribution sector electrical equipment, fluids, air conditioning and communications. The company wanted to deploy its new application management and development environment in the cloud. To do so opted for Softeng as a partner of Microsoft Cloud solutions also opting for Azure instead of using a hosting provider using virtual servers.

Key points

Softeng offered a comprehensive solution that consisted of:

1-Design and deploy the necessary "RemoteApp" high availability infrastructure.

2-Interventions to optimize management software and migrate your SQL Server databases to SQL Azure to reduce costs and increase availability.

3-Migrate to cloud your development environment (Visual Studio Online), achieving an increase in the productivity of its developers.

Azure managed infrastructure, providing monitoring, support and continuous improvement in April-Services.

Through this project, the company has managed to obtain a good performance of your application, user satisfaction and minimize maintenance costs and consumption in Azure.

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