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Captio success story
The CTO and co-founder of CAPTIO comments on Softeng:

"We focus on developing our product, collaborating with Softeng allows us to be sure that we take full advantage of the infrastructure we have and that we are always up to date."

Lluís Claramonte

Infrastructure in Azure
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Captio is the leading platform in the Spanish market, with a digitalization process approved by the Tax Agency, which helps companies to manage their corporate travel expenses (transport, meals, tolls, parkings ...), simplifying and speeding up everything the process from the capture and entry of expense receipts, their review and approval, and their accounting in the ERP.

The company opted for Microsoft Azure and Softeng, to optimize its infrastructure, offering its application greater flexibility and scalability to adapt to its business needs and reach a greater number of users.

The company was very satisfied with the work of Softeng and its CTO and co-founder , Lluís Claramonte, opined on the services of Softeng.

Key points

The services on Azure that Softeng lends to Captio improve stability thanks to the proactive maintenance of the infrastructure that reduces incidents and improves security. Likewise, they help optimize the consumption of resources of your infrastructure, obtaining the maximum value and potential of your investment in Azure.

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