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Azure success story in Media Markt
The CIA of MEDIA MARKT says about Softeng:

"Media Markt, with the advice of Trilogi, opted for Softeng to carry out the project not only for the experience demonstrated in Azure IaaS but above all, for being a software engineering that also knew how to give us the best solution: a PaaS environment. The project was executed brilliantly and at the times and costs foreseen, reaffirming that the correct decision was made "

Eduard Martínez

Infrastructure in Azure
Project name Azure success story in Media Markt

The prestigious chain of home appliances, computer and consumer electronics, Media Markt, Azure has chosen to accommodate all your online business and it has opted for Softeng as a specialist partner in cloud services of Microsoft.

The company was very satisfied with the work of Softeng and CIO, Eduard Martinez, he said of Softeng services.

Key points

Media Markt's website, based on e-commerce software company LOGICOMMERCE Trilogi, was housed in a physical Datacenter that limited capacity and availability needs of the store required. The large number of visitors and transactions received from customers at the end of the day and the lack of flexibility inherent in a conventional Datacenter, made them opt for Azure, which meant for Media Markt get the scalability and availability they need for their business, besides providing them security, reliability and ability to scale nimbly to address their successful campaigns.

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