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If successful cloud development in Alstom Group
Responsible SCADA Alstom Design Review Softeng:
"From the business unit Wind, our goal was to provide the WindAccess ™ application with a new web, agile and dynamic interface, and improve remote communications satellite, offering a time of satisfying the user response. Softeng works largely these objectives are carried out by providing a team of engineers that generates good ideas and materializes into effective solutions. "

Montse Arias

Development of solutions in the cloud
Project name Remote Control parks windmills
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Alstom Wind, wind prestigious division of Alstom Group entrusts Softeng the development of a remote control application parks windmills implanted. Alstom is a global leader in infrastructure for the generation and transmission of electric power and a leader in innovative technologies. Montse Arias, head of design SCADA, commented on the successful collaboration of Softeng in the project.

Key points

With this application the customer has improved remoting wind farms and offer a time satisfactory response to users.