Migration to the cloud

Migration to the cloud

We optimize your systems, moving them to the cloud and modernizing them.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible, robust and secure cloud platform that enables servers and storage as a service in data centers managed by Microsoft. With Azure, you can have the servers you need, with the capacity that is required at all times, in high availability and forming part of your network as if they were physically in your company. In addition, it is the ideal way to move applications hosted on obsolete physical servers to new virtual servers, without the need for investment.

Azure specialists for medium and large companies

Softeng is rated by Microsoft as one of the Spanish companies with the most deployments of cloud solutions in Azure , having received the award for the best partner of the year in Spain " Cloud Excellence 2016 " and finalist in the Partner of the Year Awards 2017 . It was also awarded by the American multinational with the award for the best entrepreneurial project in Azure with its platform "Softeng Portal Builder", becoming in 2010 the first Spanish partner with a case of success of native development for Azure (PaaS) , this specialization has differentiated us from the rest of the partners, thus being able to migrate applications to Azure optimizing their consumption to the maximum and increasing the reliability of them.

Softeng solutions in Azure respond to the needs of your company:

  • Do you have your obsolete infrastructure and / or do you need to expand it? Instead of making a large investment in renewing or expanding and maintaining it, go to the cloud, paying only for what you need at all times.
  • Do you want to forget the backup tapes? Protect your data in another location and at low cost, being able to recover them quickly and easily.
  • Does your company need protection against disasters? We offer you a solution in Azure that helps you to protect the availability of your applications that you want to remain at home, in case of failures of any kind.
  • Does your company need to improve security? We help you increase the level of security and compliance with the GDPR through the 4 basic pillars we need: "Protect the identity of people", "Protect data and applications", "Protect devices" and "Protect the infrastructure" Read more ...

Softeng helps you draw and agree on the most appropriate strategy for your company to rise to the cloud gradually, in stages, without headaches, safely and starting to have advantages, benefits and savings from the start.


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We chose Softeng for good references obtained from other customers and Microsoft, their solution to migrate to Office 365 was a success. We are totally satisfied to have bet on them.

Sergio Vaquero | IT Director INTECSA INARSA

With the help of Softeng we have migrated the websites of Big Brother and Big Brother to Azure, having achieved its full availability in times of increased activity, coinciding with the issuance of the galas and the next day, something that is vital for us in consistent with the commitment to our audience.

Miguel Angel Hernandez | IT Director ZEPPELIN TV

We do that and it was a success for the many advantages Azure offers us in terms of cost savings, flexibility and performance.

Antoni Torrejón | IT Director COIB

Softeng has shown us confidence, and presenting solutions that ensure 100% security and privacy of our information.

Ferran Fernandez | Director IT GRUP PERALADA

Softeng helped us make a smooth transition to the cloud without significant problems and efficiently resolving the challenges posed, feeling good company all the time. We continue to work with them on new projects with total satisfaction.

Jorge Riaza | IT Director ARITEX

We have worked with Softeng given the good references we had by the Microsoft itself. We will have them for future projects for their professionalism and involvement.

Venting Xavier | IT Director INFOJOBS

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