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We improve the security and compliance of your company, making cloud innovation with Microsoft 365 a reality.

The information of our company is one of the most valuable assets that exists, and as such we must have it well protected. In fact, colloquially it is said that you should protect your castle well, but it is never less to put a good lock on your treasure. The reason for protecting data is not simply to prevent someone from stealing it, but also to know how it is being used, where it is stored, who is accessing it and even to avoid leakage of sensitive data for the organization.

How does the Microsoft and Softeng cloud help you protect your data?

Microsoft includes control and audit tools for the data stored in its services in the cloud, giving visibility to how information is consumed and from where, greatly improving the corporate information governance processes.

Additionally, it allows us to encrypt confidential information (such as files and specific emails), so that even if it leaves the company (by mistake or intentionally), nobody can access it. We can also add controls to the sensitive information for the company (for example personal data to comply with GDPR) and / or confidential (for example, fiscal, financial or intellectual property information); which allow us to know if an incorrect and even malicious use of the information is being made. In fact, we can even keep under control those files that we share with other collaborating organizations, giving us visibility on who accesses and from where; as well as revoke access to files even if they are not within the limits of our computer infrastructure.

These are the main tools and services that help us protect the data:

  • Azure Information Protection (AIP): Allows companies to classify, tag and protect office documents and emails when they are created or modified, to share them securely with people in your organization or outside of it, to keep track of its use and even revoke access remotely. Read more...
  • Cloud App Security: Helps control the cloud applications that users use from the company. Also, you can read files labeled with AIP and establish policies based on the labels. The service scans confidential files used in cloud applications by company users and automatically applies AIP protection, including encryption. Read more...
  • Office 365 Data Loss Prevention (DLP): You can identify more than 80 types of common confidential data, including financial, medical, and personal identification information. In addition, DLP allows you to configure the measures that will be adopted after identification to protect confidential information and prevent accidental disclosure.
  • Office 365 eDiscovery Searches: To find text and metadata in the content of your resources: SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business Online and Exchange Online. In addition, Office 365's advanced eDiscovery employs machine learning technologies and can help you identify documents that are relevant to a particular topic (for example, regulatory compliance research) quickly and with greater accuracy.

Data protection and compliance

Ensuring that the personal data your company has is identifiable and protected is a fundamental requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation and in this regard, Microsoft security solutions are in a unique position to comply with the new regulation helping you to:

  • Identify personal data and where they reside, regulate their access and use, and establish adequate security controls.
  • Help protect data on all devices, applications and services in the cloud and locally using the integrated functions of classification, tagging and protection of Microsoft 365.
  • Evaluate the risk through a tool that provides you with the measures you need to carry out in your organization to comply with the new regulation.
  • Keep personal data protected with the Windows 10 identity and information protection functions.

If you want to know more about how Microsoft and Softeng security solutions help you comply with the new regulation, click HERE


Protección de la Identidad

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Softeng has earned the distinction of being our strategic partner to deploy and manage Microsoft systems and our SharePoint intranet.


It is proving to be a very positive experience working with Softeng, both for the professionalism of his team and for his kind and personalized treatment.

Marta Jiménez | IT Director GRUPO INVENT FARMA

The professionalism and expertise of engineers Softeng and its cordial treatment have led to the adoption Exchange online has proved very quickly and smoothly.


After canvassing various partners we decided on Softeng; them with their knowledge are helping us understand and implement Office 365 and change our digital culture.

Jo rdi Martin | ICT Area Director FIATC

We decided O365 hand Softeng for their good references. It was a quick and uncomplicated process and probably will continue to have Softeng in future projects.

Miguel Angel Hernandez | ZEPPELIN IT Director

We wanted to have a company who could guide us in our decisions, to give us security and to count with highly qualified personnel. Softeng and Softeng Portal Builder have been the solution

Toha Pere | General Service Manager ZAL

Softeng are committed not only by the experience demonstrated in Azure IaaS but above all, as a software engineering who knew us the best solution: A PaaS environment.

Eduard Martinez | CIO MEDIA MARKT

We chose Softeng for good references obtained from other customers and Microsoft, their solution to migrate to Office 365 was a success. We are totally satisfied to have bet on them.

Sergio Vaquero | IT Director INTECSA INARSA

We are very pleased with the many benefits that Office 365 gives our company and the work done by the team of professionals Softeng, it has been rapid migration and uncomplicated.

Santi Verdaguer | IT Director PROQUIMIA

Softeng has shown us confidence, and presenting solutions that ensure 100% security and privacy of our information.

Ferran Fernandez | Director IT GRUP PERALADA

Softeng combines professionalism with a great human team, close and committed to customer service. We have been working with them for several years and they have always been able to listen to us and offer a quick response to our needs.

Mariano Bañon | IT Director of SELLBYTEL

We were looking for a partner with the expertise to advise and address a global project with the maximum guarantee of success and we have found SOFTENG experience.

Javier Martinez | IT Director Jjuan

the solution should provide a user interface easy to use and with adequate response time support offered. These features, together with the ease of managing the web in 19 languages, led us to adopt Builder Portal

David Nuncio | IT Director PETROMIRALLES

The overall event was very interesting. Live demos and explanations of specialists help to easily understand the more complicated issues. The location of the event, centrally located and well connected, is perfect.

Yolanda Martinez | IT Director ARNAL

Softeng contributes greatly to our goals are made by providing a team of engineers who generate good ideas and materializes into effective solutions.

Montse Arias | RBLE. Design SCADA ALSTOM

Softeng helped us make a smooth transition to the cloud without significant problems and efficiently resolving the challenges posed, feeling good company all the time. We continue to work with them on new projects with total satisfaction.

Jorge Riaza | IT Director ARITEX

To date, there are already several projects underway and we move forward together, with the tranquility of being in good hands.

Joaquín Sabaté | Dir. General Ediciones Urano

We do that and it was a success for the many advantages Azure offers us in terms of cost savings, flexibility and performance.

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With the help of Softeng and his engineers we were able to carry out the project Office 365 within the time limits, fluid and very satisfactorily.


The staging, great! As planners you are the very best that I have tried. Our global vision of the project Office 365, very experienced, very pleasant treatment and above all, very professional! "

Jesus Lopez | IT Director Montana Colors

Softeng professionalism of both advice and implementation of the platforms have made the adaptation to Office 365 has proved a success.

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Softeng has demonstrated a deep knowledge of Microsoft cloud solutions and a high degree of professionalism, availability and involvement. We are really pleased with the results and we will have them for future use.


Softeng we opted for the experience they had in deployments with other customers. It turned out to be a fairly quick and smooth implementation.

Samuel Lacarta | IT Director VUELING

SOFTENG work with in the field of implementation of Office 365. We have proved their professionalism, capacity and total involvement from the outset to launch applications.

Nuno Moniz | Production Dir PECOMARK

Thanks to the involvement and the willingness of Softeng we have managed to address successfully the project always getting a quick response from both its engineers and the rest of the team.

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With the help of Softeng, we made a quick and smooth migration, accompanied at all times by a great team of professionals. We are very pleased with Softeng and hope to have them for future projects.

Carmen Esclapés | RBLE. IT REIG JOFRE

After probing several partners we decided on Softeng; They with their knowledge are helping us to implant and understand Office 365 and to change our digital culture.

Privacy Policy | Ans. Systems and communications

Softeng response has always been very fast, organized, accurate, adequate to our needs ... something I would like to thank largely to his team.

Gloria Street | IT Director EBRO FOODS

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