Security and Compliance

Cloud security

We improve the security and compliance of your company, making cloud innovation with Microsoft 365 a reality.

To stop the attacks and protect against vulnerabilities, the main decision that an IT director must take is to innovate by betting on the implementation of security solutions that address the four big vulnerable areas in a company: The first, prevent identity of corporate users is put in danger. The second , protect the data and applications. The third , control access to corporate data from devices . And the fourth , safeguard the infrastructure .

In Softeng we offer you our experience to help you put in place the appropriate measures for each of the areas following the same strategy for all of them and helping you to manage and protect your digital transformation.

  • Protect: Companies from advanced threats and attacks.
  • Detect: Malicious or suspicious activities that may happen.
  • Respond: Quickly and effectively to an attack.
  • Educate: At Softeng we believe that safety is a responsibility shared by all employees and therefore training is very important.