Security and Compliance

We protect your company against data leaks and cyber threats, with innovation

Cloud security

One of the three axes to help you increase the competitive advantage of your company is innovation and from Softeng we are currently committed to applying it in one of the needs that have become more urgent, such as Protecting companies from data leaks and cyber threats , What we usually do in 4 stages: The first, " Protect the identity" of users, preventing this from being an open door to your company. The second , "Protect data and applications", preventing information leaks . The third , "Protection of devices" thus controlling their health before allowing access to corporate data. And the fourth , "Protect the infrastructure" of servers that you have in the cloud or in other datacenters.

At Softeng we offer you our experience to help you implement the appropriate measures for each of the areas, helping you manage and protect your digital transformation through a consistent strategy.

  • Protect: Companies from threats and advanced attacks.
  • Detect: Malicious or suspicious activities that may happen.
  • Answer: Quickly and effectively to an attack.
  • Educate: At Softeng we believe that safety is a responsibility shared by all employees and therefore training is very important.