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Customized and without investments in hardware and operating system

Softeng we offer a comprehensive strategy cloud customized according to your needs, helping you manage and securely connect your local infrastructure with servers and services that you choose to be in the cloud, so you can make the change gradually and smoothly.

Here we detail the solutions that Softeng and Azure can help your company, based on the most appropriate settings to start using services cloud infrastructure:

Obsolete hardware applications aplicaciones.png
Go up to the cloud applications you have on or unsecured obsolete physical servers, while avoiding maintenance costs, energy and investment in hardware. Thus, in addition, you will increase the reliability of your applications.

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If you need to expand your business network with new servers, Microsoft Azure and our help, you can do it in a simple way, creating a section in the cloud and securely connecting to your local grid.

Virtual network technology in the cloud, is a seamless extension of your data center that lets you take full advantage of the reliable and scalable Azure infrastructure, combined with your local infrastructure.

Scalability for your applications Escalar.png
If your business application needs to respond to peaks of activity variables and / or unpredictable, with Microsoft Azure you can quickly provision new servers in the cloud, which can grow or shrink in number and capacity according to need at any time, paying only for actual use .

In addition, Azure provides features that help you better understand the status and availability of your applications through state metric panels.


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Microsoft Azure provides economical solutions in the cloud for storage, backup and recovery. Enjoy the economic benefits of the cloud storage without compromising performance, regardless of the type or volume of your data.


  • If you need more storage: Microsoft Azure gives you unlimited secure storage of files, avoiding investment in disk arrays and backup systems. You can start with very little storage capacity and gradually increase as your data grow, paying only for the storage you're actually using.
  • If you need disaster protection: You can configure solutions to protect the availability of your applications against failure of all types (network connectivity, unwanted modification or deletion of data, hardware errors ...), thus ensuring the continuity of your business.
  • If you intend forget backup tapes: Backup services Azure cloud enable your company to protect low - cost data from your local servers, pudiéndolos easily recover if necessary.

Furthermore, the ability of geographic replication of cloud services offer data redundancy between regions to ensure access to these if a local disaster occurs, always guaranteeing the availability of your files.


High computing power at low cost potencia.png
If high requirements for business applications such as SharePoint, SQL Server or your ERP, you can have a cloud infrastructure fully compatible in minutes with the size / capacity you require at any time, without the need for upfront investment in hardware and licenses (where SharePoint and SQL Server), also avoiding maintenance costs.


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Your company can have the infrastructure to deploy Microsoft Azure development and testing labs in the cloud in minutes, as long as you require and without investing in assets.


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