Microsoft Azure

Your infrastructure in the cloud

Customized and without investments in hardware and operating system

Infrastructure solutions and services through virtual machines in the cloud (IaaS) cloud and other components, offer your company a lot of flexibility to move your servers (and applications) to the cloud and increase or decrease the resources as needed in high availability and being part of your network as if they were physically in your company.

The main advantages of this solution are:

  • Reduced costs: Unlike investing in acquiring and maintaining the hardware in your company, the cloud option gives you avoid buying and significant savings in energy consumption, support and maintenance. Therefore, choosing the cloud, your business will go into a cost model based solely on the capacity you require at all times.
  • Flexibility: The cloud allows you to quickly get more or less resources / server power as needed at any time, without capital expenditures.
  • Focus: Infrastructure as a Service allows you to free up time and resources allocated so far to maintain your own infrastructure, to lead to higher value tasks for your business.
  • ER, in minutes: Unlike purchase servers or opt for other solutions providers internet classics, have a new server in Windows Azure requires only a few minutes.
  • Availability: The solutions are based virtual machines in a highly redundant infrastructure and information is replicated in at least three physical locations. All this ensures continuity of service and availability of your data.
  • Security: Typically, more sophisticated security measures are beyond the reach of most companies. However, the safety standards that meet Microsoft datacenters provide customers with the confidence that your data is fully protected.

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