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The protection of computers is one of the fundamental pillars to improve security in companies and with Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to create the safest operating system in history .. helping to protect the device , identity , information and take proactive decisions in any threatening situation , covering more or less aspects depending on whether it is the Pro, Enterprise E3 or Enterprise E5 version.

Windows 10 helps companies to be more productive and secure by offering:

  • Smart Security: Protect your company proactively
  • Simplified updates and flexible administration: Saving time to IT departments and, as a result, generating more value for the company.
  • Improved productivity: Intuitive user experience with features and tools that help to collaborate and work efficiently.

Starting with Windows 10 Pro , this version includes basic security features such as:

  • Windows Hello : It is the password-free login method that offers you the fastest and safest way to unlock your Windows devices, through biometric recognition (fingerprint, facial and iris recognition).
  • Bitlocker: It allows you to encrypt the content protecting the data of your computer in case of loss or theft of your device.
  • Windows Information Protection (WIP): Allow your organization to control the use of corporate data in personal devices and applications according to the policies you have defined in your MDM (Movile Device Management). This allows remote deletion of corporate data only in case of loss / theft of device and / or loss of user of the company, as well as avoiding leaks of information, preventing users from copying / downloading corporate information in personal applications.
  • Windows Safe Boot: The secure boot of Windows 10, used in conjunction with the secure UEFI boot, helps ensure that the computer starts up securely and that only trusted software can be run during the boot process.

However, the above functionalities end up being insufficient to deal with the most dangerous threats. That is why the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 version adds an additional layer of security, reaching maximum protection with Windows 10 E5

Windows 10 Enterprise E3, protection against modern security threats.

The Windows 10 Enterprise E3 version offers exclusive and advanced protection capabilities superior to the Pro and aimed at devices, identities, applications and sensitive business information. Its most outstanding capacities are:

  • Credential Guard: It is a functionality that protects corporate identities and credentials, storing and encrypting authentication information in a separate container that only the system's software can access. If someone takes control of your computer, it can not enter your network or copy data or damage, because the system will also ask for a credential that is stored on the computer + Another authentication factor that can be: Pin, fingerprint or phone call to verify that the person who authenticates is who they say they are.
  • Device Guard: With this functionality Microsoft has changed the way in which the operating system manages the applications that are not trusted, allowing only the execution of trusted applications approved by the IT department, which makes it difficult for the malware to cross its defenses.
  • Applocker: It is a new functionality similar to DeviceGuard but instead of doing it at the device level, it allows creating rules to authorize or deny the execution of applications at the level of users or groups.

Windows 10 Enterprise E5

The E5 version is Microsoft's most comprehensive offering for its operating system that includes all the security capabilities of the E3 version by adding an advanced security layer through Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a powerful security tool that offers maximum protection for your company.

What does Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offer you?

ATP leverages Microsoft's technology and expertise to help detect , investigate and offer you an immediate response to advanced persistent threats and infiltrations of network data. ATP helps you:

  • Get a real-time analysis of all your equipment infrastructure through a central console that shows information on the status and activity of protected equipment.
  • Detect advanced attacks and zero-day, from the analysis of the environment, behavior and use of Machine Learning technology, showing detailed information on the scope of the security breach through the central console and offering solutions to mitigate it.
  • Instant access to the analysis of 6 months of information regarding the behavior of our company to carry out a forensic analysis, offering you an inventory of files, URLs and connections throughout the network.
  • The agility of detection offered by ATP saves you time and resources , also limiting the amount of damage caused by a security breach.

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