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Microsoft 365

Drive the digital transformation of your company

The new way of working of companies using technology in the cloud to boost their growth and adapting to the new needs of collaboration and mobility of their employees, has opened new fronts of risks and security vulnerabilities. Companies are increasingly aware that their employees must be able to work better together, regardless of where they are. However, they are concerned about their ability to protect themselves from cyber attacks and maintain the security of their data.

Microsoft offers us a modern, collaborative, flexible and secure way of working through Microsoft 365 . The platform helps companies of all sizes and sectors to adopt the digital transformation and facilitate the change to the modern workplace and Softeng can help you to implement and correctly adopt it.

Microsoft 365 brings together in one solution the full potential of the cloud with Office 365 , the best version of the operating system with Windows 10 and the best security and control with Enterprise Mobility + Security ( EMS ). In general Microsoft 365:

  • It allows companies to boost their creativity and encourage teamwork through the best collaboration and communication tools included in Office 365.
  • It enables workers to work anywhere and in any device.
  • It provides the most comprehensive and complete set of applications and services for teamwork, giving people flexibility and mobility with the choice in how they connect, share and communicate.
  • It allows users to work with security, simplicity, flexibility and mobility.
  • It helps to guarantee regulatory compliance.
  • It offers tools that protect both workers and the intellectual property of the company against an environment with increasingly complex threats.
  • It offers artificial intelligence along with technologies such as Business Intelligence or Machine Learning integrated into the products.
  • It helps to manage complex IT environments, because everything is integrated for simplicity.
  • It allows you to obtain more detailed information from your data to make better decisions.

Microsoft 365 offers 4 editions:

  • Microsoft 365 Business: A solution that brings the best productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help protect businesses with up to 300 employees. Read more...
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E3): An intelligent solution that combines the best productivity of Office 365, Windows 10 and advanced security capabilities of EMS for companies with more than 300 employees. Read more...
  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise (E5): Includes all E3 products and features, along with the latest threat protection, security and the latest collaboration tools for companies with sensitive data and high security needs. Read more...
  • Microsoft 365 F1: Designed to connect Firstline Workers with the tools and resources they need to do their job as well as possible, increasing their productivity in a safe way.

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