Skype for business

Messaging & iacute; a instant & aacute; nea and video

Drive the digital transformation of your company

Connect with other users through corporate instant messaging, audio calls, video calls and online conferences via Skype business.

Business Skype offers a new connected experience transforming every communication into interactions that offer more collaboration, participation and accessibility. A single solution that unites voice, instant messaging and audio conferencing, video and web through a simplified experience. With Skype business can reduce communication costs and increase productivity in your organization.


Main Features:

  • Connect with others through instant messaging (IM), video calls and online meetings.
  • Make online presentations with audio, video, desktop sharing and whiteboard with clients and colleagues.
  • Invite external contacts to easily join online conferences by a native or web-based client.
  • Comuníquete with external organizations with business Skype by flash, audio and video through the federation of business and even Skype and Skype contacts or Windows Live Messenger messaging.
  • Responds to an email with an instant message or an audio call to solve problems more quickly and efficiently.

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