Security in Office 365

Security in Office 365

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Security , privacy , commitment and transparency are the main concerns of companies when they consider the possibility of migrating their services to the cloud .

One of the commitments that Microsoft has regarding its productivity platform in the cloud, Office 365 , is to guarantee the security and privacy of the information of the clients that use it, and for that it is guided by the following principles of trust. :

Security for Microsoft is a continuous effort that combines experience, qualified personnel and powerful technology. Office 365 stores data in a proprietary network of data centers, strategically located throughout the world and offers integrated security features to all customers and optional controls so they can customize security preferences.

Integrated security features available

  • Physical data centers supervised 24 hours a day.
  • Logical isolation of data between different clients.
  • Administrative access to Office 365 controlled by a role-based process.
  • Separation of the internal network of data centers and the external network, as well as encryption of the data transmitted through the networks.
  • Encryption of mail data with 256-bit BitLocker encryption, as well as SSL / TLS encryption of data in transit.
  • Applications designed following the life cycle of security development, guaranteeing security and privacy from the development of the software to the start-up of the service.

Personalized security features:

  • Advanced encryption with Rights Management Service that allows administrators to encrypt elements selectively.
  • User access control, through identity services such as Active Directory, Azure Active Directory and Active Directory federation services.
  • Possibility of enabling compliance features such as the prevention of data loss to prevent confidential information from leaving the organization.
  • Characteristics of legal retention, government and archiving that allow to retain confidential data for legal and archiving purposes.
  • Easy to quickly find items in Sharepoint Online, Exchange Online and Skype business for audit and security purposes.
  • Your company administrators can easily customize the anti-malware and anti-spam protection features.

Microsoft is constantly working on technologies that improve and respect the privacy of its services. Office 365 customers must always keep in mind that their data belongs to them and that:

  • The data is not extracted to create advertising products: E-mails or documents are not examined to produce analyzes, extract data, advertise or improve the service.
  • Data does not mix: Office 365 always allows you to keep your customer data separate from consumer services.
  • The data is yours and can be moved: the Office 365 client data belongs to the clients, who can remove their data whenever they want.

Office 365 is equipped with capabilities that help companies adapt to external industry regulations and meet internal security requirements.

Office 365 adheres to worldwide industry standards, including the ISO 27001 standard, the EU model clauses, the HIPAA BAA agreement and the FISMA law. Likewise, it is subject to third-party audits by auditors of recognized international prestige in order to obtain independent testimony of compliance with the directives and the security, privacy, continuity and regulatory procedures.

Office 365 customers can always know where their data is located , which users of their company can access them and what they do with the information .

In addition, business administrators can choose to receive updates related to changes to the location of data centers, as well as security, privacy and audit information.

With Office 365 you will have a powerful productivity solution of total confidence and reliability for your company.

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