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Benefits of Microsoft 365

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For medium and large companies , the cloud is an opportunity to eliminate the burden of administration and maintenance of business systems and enjoy their advantages with security. Below we detail the benefits that Microsoft 365 reports to the Company :

  • Profitability: Forget investments and hardware maintenance and software licenses and devote that budget to more strategic projects in your organization.
  • Productivity: The enriched and familiar services and capacities that Office 365 offers to your company, allow you to optimize the efficiency and productivity of your organization.
  • Control and ease of management: The simple management console and 24x7 telephone support available to free up the workload of IT departments, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks and greater value for the organization.
  • Greater reliability and security: Thanks to the solid recovery features, globally distributed backups and privacy features, your data remains safe and secure at all times.
  • Step-by-step transition : Organizations can transition to the cloud in stages, as required, thanks to the flexible deployment options offered by Office 365, allowing the combination of on-site services with cloud services (named, hybrid scenarios).

Organizations with advanced needs can opt for Office 365 through various plans and implementation options. However, the jump to the cloud requires preparation, experience and contingency plans.

For all this Softeng, rated by Microsoft asone of the Spanish companies with the most implementations of cloud solutions in Office 365 and Azure, having received the prizesto the best company of cloud services 2018, tobest partnerof the year in Spain"Cloud Excellence 2016"and finalist in thePartner of the Year Awards 2017 ,it offers you integral solutions for each phase of implementation of the migration that will help you in a fast and simple way so that your company can begin to enjoy quickly the benefits provided by the cloud.

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