Microsoft Inspire ends, the event of the year for the partners of the company in which Softeng has participated


Microsoft Inspire

Yesterday, Microsoft Inspire 2018 , Microsoft's global partner conference held this year in Las Vegas, ended.   The event, which is held annually, brings together all the partners to   commemorate the start of the new fiscal year of the company and let them know the most outstanding news in their products and services, strategic plans and vision of the future.

In this edition, in which SOFTENG was present, represented by our CEO, Carlos Colell, Microsoft announced important new features, including the free version of Microsoft Teams, the new capabilities of intelligent events and new solutions for teamwork.

Microsoft Inspire During these days, the three most important growth areas for Microsoft Azure were also presented , highlighting the exponential growth of the platform. In this new fiscal year it is planned to promote migration, modernization of applications and data and Artificial Intelligence . Also, Microsoft announced the investment of more than 5 billion dollars that the company will make in IoT in the next 4 years.


On the last day of the conference, SOFTENG attended a specific session for some partners focused on our business sector, in which Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft , congratulated us for the good results obtained this fiscal year and in which she told us about the objectives for the next 12 months.



SOFTENG in the Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire

Microsoft Inspire

Carlos Colell-CEO of SOFTENG

In the coming weeks we will tell you in detail in our Blog each of the innovations presented in the Microsoft Inspire.

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