Récord de asistencia en la nueva edición de nuestro evento sobre soluciones en la nube con Office 365 y Azure

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia


Softeng closing a new edition of his event on how to boost the competitiveness of enterprises through the cloud with a record attendance in the editions of Barcelona and Madrid. More than 200 business decision - makers from companies around the country enjoyed a day in which through case studies and product demos, talked about the evolution of the solutions in the cloud with Office 365 and Azure and how companies are adopting the cloud of Microsoft as an impetus for digital transformation.

The event held on 17 and 23 February at the College of Economists of Catalonia in Barcelona and in the Auditorium of the offices of Microsoft in Madrid respectively, enabled attendees provide a space for innovation and exchange of experiences. In addition, all had the opportunity to see, at the hands of specialists from Microsoft and Softeng, how their companies can increase productivity and the level of innovation, discovering all the new Office 365 and Azure scoop.

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia

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  A productive and educational day
The conference began with a welcome by Carlos Redondo, Head of team corporate clients Microsoft and Cristina Lanzagorta, Partner Sales Director of Microsoft who spoke about the remarkable career of Softeng in Office 365 and Azure, highlighting the prize that Microsoft gave Softeng as Cloud the best partner of the year.

Then Carlos Colell and Imma Squeegee, CEO and Director of Softeng, told us about the role of cloud in the digital transformation of enterprises and as it represents an opportunity to improve the way how we interact with customers, how we encourage people within our organizations and how to optimize and change business models around our products.

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia

During the presentation, Carlos and Imma CSP also discussed the program of solution providers in the cloud Microsoft, with which Softeng helps companies streamline and simplify their transition to the Cloud.

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia In the next presentation by Jordi Fernández, Cloud Solutions Manager Softeng, attendees discovered by a completely practical and dynamic demo how to modernize infrastructure on-premise IT with Microsoft Azure.

In addition to showing the flexibility and speed of Azure to adapt to changes required by companies, Jordi also showed the reliability and robustness of Azure and solutions to deal with disasters or to work with critical applications in the cloud with high availability and security.



The following presentations were given by the team of specialists in production and business in the cloud, which gave attendees two fun demos showing how to increase business productivity with Office 365 and how to promote teamwork with Office Groups, Microsoft Teams and Yammer.

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia


During the talk, Ramon, Íker and Marc, showed the main new SharePoint Online through a demo in which we saw the new aspect of the collaboration tool in the cloud that is now much more powerful, simple and accessible.

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia In the next demo, our Portal Builder Specialists, showed us how you can generate more business with managing a Site Builder Portal productively, autonomous and the value of being the first in the major search engines.

During the demo we showed fantastic results Portal Builder offers improved search engine position and conversion to customers. In short, attendees could see how Portal Builder and Azure help you build a more profitable web.




Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia In the penultimate presentation it was the turn of security, a recurring theme throughout the day and of vital importance for companies and Microsoft. As Imma Squeegee said in his presentation, Microsoft invests more than $ 1 trillion each year in protection and monitoring technologies.

In this interesting demo our security experts showed attendees how thanks to the security solutions in the cloud, corporate business information (data and applications) may be safer in the cloud than anywhere else.



The last presentation was by Agustín Log, specialist in Online and Digital Transformation of Microsoft solutions in Barcelona and Maureen Manubens, Channel Marketing Manager of Microsoft in Madrid. In their papers presented at the latest scoop and functionality of Office 365 and Azure that Microsoft will introduce during this 2017.

During his talk, we also explained the major areas of investment in this new year Microsoft: Analytics, security and new business voice services Skype

As the finale of the day, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a lunch buffet where they could do networking with other guests as well as exchange experience with specialists doubts and both Microsoft and Softeng.

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia

  Softeng team that participated in the event in Barcelona and Madrid:

Finaliza una nueva edición de nuestro evento Cloud con récord de asistencia


As a final note we can say that if there is a key enabler for organizations to quickly and effectively adopt the digital transformation that is the cloud of Microsoft.

And thanks to all participants! both for their participation as the great results we have obtained in the polls as we drive to continue working and striving to offer the best service.

For all those who were unable to attend for lack of places and for all who want to know the latest developments of Microsoft Cloud solutions, we announced that we are already working on the new edition next year :)


The IT Responsible Arnal think about events Softeng:

The overall event was very interesting. Live demos and explanations of specialists help to easily understand the more complicated issues. The location of the event, centrally located and well connected, is perfect.

Yolanda Martinez | IT Director ARNAL

The IT Director of Zeppelin TV (Endemol Group) thinks about the Softeng events:

The event gave me the opportunity to know all the news of Office 365 and Azure through very interesting demos. Both the presentations and the location of the event, I found very good. I would definitely recommend it.

Miguel Ángel Hernández | Resp IT ZEPPELIN TV

El Responsable IT del Grupo Álava Ingenieros opina sobre los eventos de Softeng:

Softeng always manages to combine masterfully, some interesting content, very good technical facilities in the rooms where they are held, and the great expertise of its staff, for the event to prove tremendously useful, informative and entertaining.


El CIO de Media Markt opina sobre Softeng:

Softeng are committed not only by the experience demonstrated in Azure IaaS but above all, as a software engineering who knew us the best solution: A PaaS environment.

Eduard Martinez | CIO MEDIA MARKT

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