Nexus energy bets on Softeng Portal Builder

NexusHome.jpg Nexus energy, company specialized in the sale of electricity and green energy, has entrusted to Softeng design and development new corporate portal through the platform for web projects Softeng Portal Builder that works in Windows Azure, Microsoft's Cloud platform.

The portal holds a differential position in the energy sector becoming point of virtual meeting of consumers, producers and distributors of energy products both by the ability of interaction and the richness of its content. Softeng Portal Builder platform benefits offer a powerful content manager Nexus energy with total freedom to manage any aspect of your site providing enterprise autonomy and productivity with low cost of ownership.

The powerful functionality of visual Edition from the own Site and translation to other languages in real time system, Nexus energy facilitate the rotation of the content with a high degree of satisfaction.

Softeng Portal Builder (web cms) content management systems evolution, was a business platform to carry out websites in the cloud in a cost-effective manner, to help empower businesses Web.

You can visit the Nexus energy in http://www.nexusenergia.com/

The IT Responsible Arnal think about events Softeng:

The overall event was very interesting. Live demos and explanations of specialists help to easily understand the more complicated issues. The location of the event, centrally located and well connected, is perfect.

Yolanda Martinez | IT Director ARNAL

The IT Director of Zeppelin TV (Endemol Group) thinks about the Softeng events:

The event gave me the opportunity to know all the news of Office 365 and Azure through very interesting demos. Both the presentations and the location of the event, I found very good. I would definitely recommend it.

Miguel Ángel Hernández | Resp IT ZEPPELIN TV

El Responsable IT del Grupo Álava Ingenieros opina sobre los eventos de Softeng:

Softeng always manages to combine masterfully, some interesting content, very good technical facilities in the rooms where they are held, and the great expertise of its staff, for the event to prove tremendously useful, informative and entertaining.


El CIO de Media Markt opina sobre Softeng:

Softeng are committed not only by the experience demonstrated in Azure IaaS but above all, as a software engineering who knew us the best solution: A PaaS environment.

Eduard Martinez | CIO MEDIA MARKT

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