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¿Qué puede hacer tu empresa para estar protegida?

When a month and a half of the massive unprecedented massive attack of 'ransomware' that affected more than 150 and reached a large number of Spanish organizations, just yesterday appeared a new threat on a global scale. This is Petya, a new ransomware that uses techniques similar to Wannacry and has put in check organizations from all over the world.

¿Qué puede hacer tu empresa para estar protegida? "Ransomware" - consisting of the words ransom (rescue) and software - is based on malicious software that compromises the security of infected systems by preventing users from accessing their systems until they pay a sum of money. In the case of Wannacry and Petya, it affects computers by encrypting all their files and those of the network drives to which they are connected, infecting other systems in the same network and asking for a rescue in the form of bitcoins.

Many of the services in classic infrastructures include firewalls, monitoring systems, antivirus, antimalware, etc. Which are very useful to avoid classic security incidents, but the new techniques used by the attackers are specifically designed to avoid these security controls; Cyber ​​attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated using for example, social engineering, zero-day vulnerabilities, and even configuration errors to infiltrate corporate networks. For this reason it is necessary to modernize the control and access systems with technologies appropriate to the new threats .

What does Softeng recommend?

As a result, many of our customers have contacted us with concerns about protecting their systems and our response has been overwhelming: having the right Microsoft security tools and services help keep your business secure.

Microso ¿Qué puede hacer tu empresa para estar protegida? Ft has made available to its customers an important set of tools to protect systems with cloud infrastructure, home infrastructure and even hybrid infrastructure. From Windows 10 devices with biometric identity controls, malware protection systems and always operating system boot, to security breach detection systems to detect suspicious activity both on the network and on the devices themselves, and Even understand the origin and evolution of an attack on the security of the organization's data.

Here are the tools to help keep your business protected against Ransomware attacks:

  • Intune: Helps protect data that may be stored on computers and mobile devices. You can control access, encrypt devices, delete data from mobile devices selectively, and control which applications store and share personal data. In addition, Intune helps you efficiently manage the deployment of critical updates for all your computers.
  • Exchange Online Protection Advanced Threat Protection: Protects email against new sophisticated malware attacks in real time. It also allows you to create guidelines that prevent users from accessing attachments or malicious Web sites whose link is sent by email. Likewise, Threat Intelligence helps you proactively detect and protect against advanced threats.
  • Advanced Threat Protection of Windows Defender: ATP for Windows is a new service that helps companies to detect and investigate advanced and targeted attacks on their networks, as well as to give them an answer.

You can discover these and other tools in the series of articles that we are publishing in our blog in which we enter in the whole thematic of the security. Soon we will publish the second installment of the series so we encourage you to follow us!


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