4/28/2020 published by: Softeng

Ciberseguridad inteligente

The new digital age together with the current reality motivated by COVID-19 is transforming companies in an accelerated way, entailing considerable security risks that need to be addressed. In effect, security boundaries are blurred and the investment required to guarantee security in our digital identities, devices and data leakage increases. Therefore, it is necessary to articulate security mechanisms that allow detecting, analyzing and eliminating threats to our companies, as well as action plans that clearly establish what to do in the event of a security breach.

IDC Spain, the leading global provider of market intelligence, has produced a report that we present to you today that deals with the impact of digital transformation on security. This transformation requires a new level of security in which Artificial Intelligence and the cloud play a fundamental role in enabling “digital trust”, seen as perceived by our customers, suppliers and employees regarding the protection of their data and privacy. .

In addition, at the end of the report , IDC discusses the strategic advantages of Microsoft's cybersecurity platform, why Softeng should be considered as a smart cybersecurity partner and how exactly it simplifies it to make it available to all companies .

Download the report here!

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