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Seguridad y control para tu empresa con Windows 10 E3

Security threats are one of the most serious problems facing businesses today. That is why, from Softeng, we are committed to providing solutions to our customers in this area, as well as continue to inform on our blog about how technology, Microsoft Cloud and our experience, can help you in this important and yet complex way.

In this post we are going to focus on Windows 10 Enterprise , because protecting the computers is one of the fundamental pillars to improve the security in the companies. In fact, Microsoft has been able to create the most secure operating system in Windows 10, helping to protect the device , identity , information and make proactive decisions in the face of any threat situation , covering more or less aspects depending on Of the Pro version, Enterprise E3 or Enterprise E5.

Starting with Windows 10 Pro , this release includes basic security features such as: Seguridad y control para tu empresa con Windows 10 E3

  • Windows Hello : This is the password-less login method that gives you the fastest and safest way to unlock your Windows devices through biometric recognition (fingerprint, facial and iris recognition).
  • Bitlocker: Allows you to encrypt the content by protecting the data of your computer in case of loss or theft of your device.
  • Windows Information Protection (WIP): Allows your organization to control the use of corporate data on personal devices and applications according to the policies you have defined in your MDM (Movile Device Management). This allows remote deletion of corporate data only in case of loss of / stealing device and / or low user of the company as well as avoiding leaks of information, preventing users from copying / downloading corporate information in personal applications.
  • Windows Safe Boot: Windows Safe Boot 10, used in conjunction with the UEFI Safe Boot, helps ensure that the computer boots safely and that only trusted software can be run during the boot process.

However, the above features are often insufficient to deal with the most dangerous threats. That is why the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 version adds an additional layer of security, reaching a maximum protection with Windows 10 E5 (about which we will talk in the next post).

Security features unique to Windows 10 Enterprise E3

The Windows 10 Enterprise E3 offers exclusive and advanced protection capabilities superior to the Pro and targeted to devices, identities, applications and sensitive information of companies. In addition, Windows 10 Enterprise is Available as a cloud service with a simple and flexible monthly subscription ( 5 devices per user ), so that companies can take advantage of Microsoft's constant innovation.


Descubre Windows 10, el principal aliado de las empresas Protection against modern security threats

The current picture of security threats is that of aggressive and tenacious threats. For this reason, Microsoft has invested heavily in Windows 10 to make it the most malware-resistant Windows operating system to date.

  • Credential Guard: A feature that protects corporate identities and credentials by storing and encrypting authentication information in a separate container that only system software can access. If someone takes control of your computer, you can not enter your network or copy data or do damage, as the system will ask for a credential that is stored in the computer + Another factor of authentication that can be: Pin, fingerprint Or phone call to verify that the person who authenticates is who he claims to be.
  • Device Guard: With this functionality Microsoft has changed the way the operating system manages untrusted applications, allowing only the execution of trusted applications approved by the IT department, which makes it difficult for malware to cross its defenses.
  • Applocker: This is new functionality similar to DeviceGuard but instead of device-level, it allows you to create rules to authorize or deny the execution of applications at the user or group level.

In this article we have reviewed the most advanced security and management features that Windows 10 includes in its business versions. In the next article we'll talk about Windows 10 Enterprise E5 , the latest offering for customers who want to take advantage of all the E3 features plus the advanced threat protection of Windows Defender Advanced Thread Protection .

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