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Protección contra amenazas de seguridad avanzadas con Windows Enterprise E5

In the last post we talked about the security features of the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 version , the most secure Microsoft operating system that protects the device, the identity and the information of the companies, helping them also to make proactive decisions in any situation of threat, covering more or less aspects according to the version.

In this new article we are going to talk about Windows 10 Enterprise E5 , the most complete Microsoft offer for your operating system that includes all the security capabilities of the E3 version, adding an advanced security layer through Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP ), a powerful security tool that offers maximum protection for your company.

The security tools of Windows 10 Enterprise combined with ATP act in the following way:

Protección contra amenazas de seguridad avanzadas con Windows Enterprise E5

What does Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offer you?

ATP leverages Microsoft's technology and expertise to help detect , investigate and offer you an immediate response to advanced persistent threats and infiltrations of network data. ATP helps you:

  • Get a real-time analysis of all your equipment infrastructure through a central console that shows information on the status and activity of protected equipment.
  • Detect advanced attacks and zero-day, from the analysis of the environment, behavior and use of Machine Learning technology, showing detailed information on the scope of the security breach through the central console and offering solutions to mitigate it.
  • Instant access to the analysis of 6 months of information regarding the behavior of our company to carry out a forensic analysis, offering you an inventory of files, URLs and connections throughout the network.

The agility of detection offered by ATP saves you time and resources , also limiting the amount of damage caused by a security breach.

How does ATP work?

ATP combines client technology built into Windows 10 and a solid cloud service. ATP continuously monitors the network for malicious activity or anomalous behavior through:

  • Behavior sensors: Integrated into the devices, which collect and process operating system behavior signals (for example, network communications, file modifications and any type of processes). This information is then sent to the Security console in the cloud to analyze them.
  • Threat Intelligence: Microsoft has a team of security specialists worldwide and a community of "hunters" who are dedicated exclusively to finding new malicious techniques and who continuously train ATP to help it become more and more effective.
  • Analysis of security in the cloud: Thanks to BigData and automatic learning, it analyzes the information received from the sensors and contrasts it with historical and anonymous information from millions of devices spread around the world and by the threat intelligence of the ATP itself, to Detect anomalous behavior, hacker techniques and similarity with known attacks.

Protección contra amenazas de seguridad avanzadas con Windows Enterprise E5

Screen 1- Central console that provides a summary of the general state of the network and alerts. Screen 2 - View of an alert about a possible threat.

Protección contra amenazas de seguridad avanzadas con Windows Enterprise E5

Screen 1 - Status view and alerts of a computer on the network Screen 2 - Provides detailed information about an identified attack on the network and how to fix it.


The current scenario forces companies to be protected from security threats and to be able to detect and respond quickly to them. From Softeng, we are committed to provide solutions to our customers and offer our experience in this area, so we encourage you to follow our blog in which we will continue to report on the security tools and solutions that we can offer.

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