12/17/2013 published by: Softeng

MarketingDigital.png This is one of the conclusions drawn from the study conducted by the company as betting QDQ average for Spanish SMEs by digital marketing to boost their businesses.

The study, 1,084 companies reveals that 98% considered important for their business to have a website of your own and that 62% of Spanish companies consider it vital to have a good content manager. The study also indicates that 70% of companies surveyed see the product catalog is one of the most important services provided in their website.

According to this study, when browsing, searches and inquiries are placed first for SMEs, 53% use for searching, compared to 26% than it does to manage social networks for your business. With 13% followed by banking transactions and 7% shopping online.

Another case study has been online advertising, the result shows that 56% of SMEs consider that the main contribution of online advertising is the creation of web visits, valued almost at the same time attracting customers with 55% sales increase (52%) and brand building (45%).

Finally, the results of the analysis, it becomes clear that more and more companies opt for mobility. The study reveals that 45% of employers accessing the network from your computer, while 39% have mobile phones become their main device to access the network.


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