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Soluciones de continuidad de negocio con Microsoft Azure When a company will fail their systems and therefore users can not work with business applications, absolute chaos reigns. At that time, we would be willing to "sell our soul to the devil";) to keep them running again because the opportunity costs of having our users unable to stand their jobs are simply dramatic.

Therefore, modernize your infrastructure and have a plan to protect our business systems (services, applications and data) against incidents or disasters that disrupt the business of our companies (technical, human or natural errors) is critical to any organization.

To do this, relying on Microsoft Azure, we created solutions disaster recovery to protect applications, services and more critical data that you have on your company, "duplicating" in the cloud (and keeping them in sync at all times), so you have a exact replica and ready for action. Thus, when systems fail you have in your company (applications, services and data), the replica that is in the cloud automatically begin to serve your users, non-stop service.

These solutions help ensure the continuity of your business (your data and applications being more available) because your company is tolerant to typical IT problems so that it more productive and therefore more competitive.

Security and tranquility for your business with our solutions in Azure

Soluciones de continuidad de negocio con Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure has been established as the most comprehensive cloud platform market by offering capabilities that allowed us to create services that meet the needs of your company.

Solutions protect and recover applications and data from your company that offers Softeng are safe and flexible working perfectly with your local infrastructure and the scalability to satisfy any requirement that a business at all times.

On the other hand, geographical replication incorporating Azure provides data redundancy between regions to ensure access to them if a local disaster.

Solutions Azure Softeng meet the needs of your company

  • Your business needs a more reliable storage system? Our solution Microsoft Azure provides unlimited secure storage for your files, avoiding investment in disk arrays and backup systems. Thanks to its flexibility you can go quick and easily provisioning storage as needed and pay only for what you're using.
  • Have your outdated infrastructure and / or need to expand? The solution, instead of making a large investment in infrastructure renew or extend, maintain, use energy and have an outdated and inflexible solution is to create that renewed infrastructure but cloud paying only for what they need at all times.
  • Want forget backup tapes? One of the most important points for companies is to have well resolved the backup strategy. Backup services on the Azure cloud allows your company protect the data that you have at home in another location and cost, pudiéndolos recover quickly and easily. In addition, incremental backups, only transferred to the cloud changes made to files, thus optimizing storage and bandwidth. Forget the tapes, devices, backup, backup licenses and having to take the tapes to the bank. Now with Azure, the bank is in the cloud! :)

  • Your business need protection from disasters? As mentioned, we offer a solution for simple and automated recovery in the cloud that helps protect the availability of your applications (who want to stay at home) against failure of all kinds. Recovery plans to suit your needs and help you restore service automatically, even in the case of complex workloads.

What helps you Softeng?

Softeng helps you map out and agree on & nbsp; the most suitable strategy for your company is up to the cloud gradually, in stages, no headaches, safely and beginning to have advantages, benefits and savings from & nbsp; the first time!

For example, if your company still has all its applications at home and are thinking of upgrading to new versions of Microsoft productivity products like Exchange, Lync, Office and SharePoint (or purchasing for the first time), no doubt you want to know Office 365. Office 365 provides these cloud applications directly as a service, so you should not worry about infrastructure issues, maintained or updated. Never again.

Subsequently or in parallel, we help you do without the IT infrastructure that you have in the company, but ...

What servers / applications / data that "at present";) You want to stay home? Softeng offers business continuity solutions and custom recovery helping to protect your local infrastructure, your applications and your data as you have explained in this article.

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