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We are introducing the video success story FIATC and Softeng with Office 365

FIATC is a leading insurance for all existing areas of life of people, both private and professional, with extensive experience of over 80 years in the sector and more than 500,000 customers company.

The bet of the company by Softeng and messaging platforms and communications business Skype Exchange Online and Office 365 has resulted in a success that Microsoft wanted to pick up on a video that we are pleased to present to you first.

The challenge
The insurer required to modernize its communications systems in order to reduce costs and increase user productivity. In textual words of Jordi Martin, CIO of FIATC, ” We started from a situation mailing more than 800 accounts in a Lotus Notes system and that entailed a great need at the storage level and even management. The challenge was to switch to Exchange Skype business online and causing the least impact on our organization and especially in our IT department, improving the efficiency of our departments in general. ”

The solution
Achieve rapid and effective migration was one of the objectives of the company, in the words of Imma Squeegee, Partne r & Customer Solutions Advisor Softeng, “The solution has been the introduction of a hybrid system between Lotus Notes and Exchange Online allows coexistence both the mail as tasks and contacts, which has allowed was a perfect coexistence among users of Office 365 and users pending migration on premise. Additionally we performed an automated deployment of business Skype “.

Customer feedback

Success Story FIATC and Softeng with Office 365We knew we had to make a decision, but we needed someone to give us security and confidence; we will show that our bet was a winning bet for the future; that there would be problems, but also solutions; it was a real challengeSuccess Story FIATC and Softeng with Office 365by productivity and efficiency. And after probing various partners we decided on Softeng; them with their knowledge are helping us understand and implement Office 365 and change our digital culture.

Jordi Martin, CIO FIATC

Thanks to the capabilities of Office 365 and the solution offered by Softeng the company has achieved the objectives that arose at the beginning of the project, also achieving control and flexibility your IT department needed. We are very proud of the digital transformation that is taking place and we want to thank FIATC they have chosen as their partner Microsoft Softeng confidence.

Visualize here the video success story in which Jordi Martin and Imma Squeegee tell us how the project and the benefits it has earned the company was developed.