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The biotech sector is strongly marked by technology and innovation, has a great impact on society and is the sector that invests the most in R&D.

This means that companies must be well prepared to accelerate innovation, apply new technologies to achieve greater efficiency and harness the power of data to make the best decisions and grow sustainably. This is all done while guaranteeing the protection of information and regulatory compliance in a highly regulated environment.

We help you solve your challenges

Accelerates innovation in a reliable and scalable environment

Accelerates innovation in a reliable and scalable environment

As Microsoft Cloud specialists, we know how to harness the full potential of Azure to embrace new technologies, accelerate innovation, and unlock new business opportunities for sustainable and resilient growth.

Mayor eficiencia

Achieves greater efficiency with smart technologies

We support you with our own innovative solutions that facilitate efficient, proactive and flexible management of Microsoft Cloud services to optimize digital infrastructure costs.

Data warehouse

Boosts business intelligence with the power of data

We help you maximize the possibilities of Power Platform tools by combining them with AI to create more efficient processes and turn data into insights that drive innovation.


What our clients think

  • "We bet on Softeng not only because of the proven experience in Azure IaaS but above all, because it is a software engineering that knew how to give us the best solution: a PaaS environment."
    Eduard Martínez
    CIO MediaMarkt
  • “Softeng combines professionalism with a great human team, close and committed to customer service. We have been working with them for several years and they have always known how to listen to us and offer a quick response to our needs.”
    Mariano Bañon
    IT Manager at SELLBYTEL
  • "Thanks to Softeng's own CSP Portal, we have the autonomy, control and flexibility to effectively manage and optimize the use of our subscriptions, with the support of its team of experts who help us get the most out of the solutions in the Microsoft cloud. For example, through smart dashboards with real-time indicators and recommendations to improve the company's security status. Without forgetting its events that are very entertaining and with a practical approach.”
    José Manuel Campos
    IT Manager at Alfa Consulting
  • "At Sampol we came from a tour of different providers acquiring Microsoft 365 licenses at a good price, but without any added value. Instead, in Softeng we have found a partner that proactively helps us get the most out of our subscriptions thanks to its great tools and a close and expert team in the Microsoft cloud.”
    Carles Casteràs
    IT Manager at Sampol

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