The intelligent accompaniment for the fastest and safest digitization of your company.

The intelligent accompaniment for the fastest and safest digitization of your company.

We maximize the power of the Microsoft cloud

Supporting you with 3 services that benefit from our own methodology, the smart tools of the Softeng Max Platform, the guidance of our experts and accelerators, with maintenance included.


Accelerate digital innovation

Take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the
cloud and move forward at Max speed.

Makes your job easier

The guidance of our experts together with the solutions included on the Softeng Max platform will make you more secure and supported in your challenges, creating a link that will allow us to better understand your business to optimize the help we can offer.

Streamlines new capabilities

Our Softeng Max Accelerators allow you to incorporate new digital capabilities to move forward faster, and we also take care of adjusting and maintaining them once deployed, so you can forget about Microsoft’s continuous changes.

Guarantees your results

We guarantee that all the new digital capabilities that we implement have been previously tested, verified and used successfully in other companies, starting with Softeng.

Protect your business

Move forward securely, with Max protection

Protect all your digital assets

Wherever they are – in your data center or in any cloud – thanks to the smart tools of the Softeng Max Platform, our accelerators and our Security Incident Defense and Response service.

Reduce your Cyber Risk

As our protection of your business progresses, our platform’s Guardian tool, your smart guardian, gathers more information that allows it to make recommendations, detect security incidents that you are experiencing and even predict the risk of having them in the future.

Do not be a victim, we are always alert

Our systems and experts monitor 24/7 to quickly detect and respond to any security threat or incident. In addition, we give you understandable visibility in real time.

Maximize cloud ROI

Get Max profitability from your subscriptions

Boosts your IT productivity

Save time with the governance, decision making and control of cloud capabilities through the smart tools of the Softeng Max Platform and the guidance of our experts.

Provides digital skills

Integrated into Microsoft Teams, the Mentor tool on our platform is always available to help people learn and add more value to your organization, getting the most out of Microsoft 365 and promoting a culture of digitalization and continuous improvement.

Optimizes your licenses

The Advisor tool on our platform helps you identify unnecessary or inappropriate licenses, proposing smart solutions to be properly licensed, saving time and money.

of our clients are satisfied with our accompanying services
years on average of client loyalty
years working as elite specialists in Microsoft 365 and Azure


Feel Max:
inspired and

Free yourself

from the multiple jobs that we will do for you, so you will no longer have to waste your time on very technical and complex tasks.

Receive support

from expert engineers in any product included in Microsoft 365 and Azure.


your business goals, stay at the forefront of technological advances and stand out from the competition.


from an assigned advisor who will understand you and help you move forward faster.


safe in the knowledge that we are safeguarding the security of your company.

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Why choose Softeng?

We have more than 12 years of experience in the Microsoft cloud that endorse us as the specialist ally in maximizing its power, investing more than 2 million euros a year in R&D to offer you our own solutions, so that you advance with security in your business objectives.