News2 September, 20132 min de lectura

European University climbs to Office 365 successfully, with the help of Softeng

The prestigious collegeEuropean Universityopted for Softeng to implement the messaging system in the cloudExchange Onlinefor its more than 4,000 students, faculty and administrators.

Online Services Exchange Online are provided European University control and flexibility I needed, simplifying management and protecting your data. They also provide enhanced access, safe and easy to email, calendar, contacts and tasks through PC’s, the web and mobile devices.

The IT department of the college, expressed his complete satisfaction with Softeng because with the help of our engineers, the project could be carried out within the time limits, so smooth and very satisfying.

Victor thrive, European University IT responsible, well said about our work: “Migrating to thousands of users to Office 365, overcoming the shortcomings of our old platform and maintaining the availability of the accounts were essential points of a project with the help Softeng and his engineers were able to carry out within the time limits, so smooth and very satisfactory ”

European University, founded in 1973, is one of the most prestigious international colleges, accredited and recognized internationally for the high quality of its teaching and the excellence of its students and faculty.