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The new Office 365 tool to work with your data: Power BI


Power BI is the new tool of Business Intelligence (BI) incorporating productivity suite, Office 365.

This new tool allows you to analyze and interact with a massive amount of data in Excel, gathering information through natural language requests and question-answer type.


With Power BI have the ability to search easily access and transform data into and out of the organization, from anywhere, on almost any device. Also, you can analyze and create compelling interactive visualizations.

The tool allows you to easily get information of value to your data, working from Excel for analysis and display independently.

Microsoft offers a solution that enhances the following functionalities of Excel

  • Power Query, allows users to easily find, access public information and data in your organization. ZA104087160.JPG
  • Power Map, a tool for 3D visualization, to analyze spatial and temporal data, superimposed on maps. Additionally, you can capture scenes for creating presentations.
  • Power Pivot to create and adapt flexible data models in Excel.
  • Power View to create interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data.

Collaboration capabilities, search and mobility
Power BI complements the power of SharePoint and offers capabilities to collaborate and provide access to information safely and in a trusted environment, providing:

  • Power BI sites, collaborative workspaces and dedicated BI to share data and information of value to business users. Power BI sites keep information current connectivity to various data sources in my organization.
  • Query capabilities in natural language, which allows users to ask questions and get answers. Just ask the question in a dialog box, the system automatically interprets and generates interactive charts and graphs based on information available.
  • Experience Mobile BI, touch applications ideal for Windows 8, Windows RT and iPad, so you can stay connected to your reports and data from anywhere, as well as support for HTML5 in the browser on any device.

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