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Preventing leaks of sensitive information with the help of Office 365 – Part IV (IRM)

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Enviar correos seguros a usuarios externos de nuestra organización-Parte IV (IRM) Send secure email to external users of our organization

As we discussed in previous articles, data leakage occurs when confidential or sensitive information of a company out of it by employees (deliberately or accidentally way). For this reason, Microsoft has joined IRM Office 365, a tool that encrypts and protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.

In the previous chapter we discuss the protection of information through emails sent to users of our organization, in this fourth installment will discuss a new level of protection in Exchange Online from unauthorized access, information protection through emails sent to external users.

Your business managers can protect Exchange Online information output via e-mail (including attachments), encrypting the data and ensuring that information can only be read by the authorized person.

For example:

  • Prevent an external recipient organization can perform some of these functions: access and forward the content of an email.

  • Define transport rules to encrypt outgoing email messages and decrypt incoming encrypted responses. The messages matching the defined rules are encrypted and sent to the specified email address.

What happens on the receiver?

The system works quite simply, encrypted e-mail messages arrive at the recipient’s inbox with attachments in HTML format. So that the receiver can read your mail, you must download the HTML and follow instructions to be authenticated before accessing the contents of the message and can perform actions.

On the next screen I show the message recipient receives the mail:

Enviar correos seguros a usuarios externos de nuestra organización-Parte IV (IRM)

In the next article I will talk MRI on how to protect documents stored on SharePoint

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