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Preventing leaks of sensitive information with the help of Office 365 -Part III (IRM)

Proteger correos electrónicos desde Microsoft Office y IRM Protects emails sent to users of our organization.

As we explained to you a few days ago, MRI is a tool that encrypts and protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.

In this third chapter discusses how you can protect & nbsp; email sent to users in your organization. & Nbsp;

Employees use email to exchange sensitive information such as financial reports and data, legal contracts, confidential product information and data about customers and employees. As a result, mailboxes can become repositories of confidential information leakage can become a serious threat to your organization.

Your business managers can protect Exchange Online information output via e-mail (including attachments), preventing the contents from leaking outside the boundaries of the organization.

For example:

  • Prevent a recipient can perform some of these functions: access, forward, copy, modify, print, fax, print screen or cut and paste the contents of an email.

  • Create rules for protection and automatic encryption for emails that meet certain conditions of business (sent by someone determined, someone determined, with certain texts, etc, etc).


Once the system is activated

The options available to users will encrypt an email are:

  • Unrestricted Access (default): E unencrypted.
  • Not Forward: Recipients can read this message, but can not forward, print or copy the content. The owner of the conversation has full permission to your message and all the answers it.
  • Confidential: The information recorded content is intended only to internal users. You can change but you can not copy and print.
  • Confidential, see only: The content is only recorded information for internal users. You can not modify.

Proteger correos electrónicos desde Microsoft Office y IRM

And what happens in the receiver?

When employees send an encrypted message (ie, protected by IRM), the attachments receive the same protection as the message (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as .xps files format).

Proteger correos electrónicos desde Microsoft Office y IRM When the recipient opens the mail with permits, will show a message in the message header indicating the restrictions of the message.

In this picture you can sense that there is a message in the header of the email, but as one of the constraints of IRM is precisely the screenshots, I show you a picture taken with mobile. Yes, I know, not what you can read, but that’s the point;)

The next article will discuss MRI one of the latest new features of IRM in Exchange Online, Send secure encryption to our organization to external users post.

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