How to unlock the potential of data and maximize its value by connecting it to the business

Business strategy based on data and artificial intelligence is booming. Organizations have realized that the value of their data lies not only in the quantity, but also in the quality and how they use it to make smarter, more strategic decisions.

But, as with all emerging technologies, it is very difficult to adopt them without first having to do a lot of research to find what is really tangible and interesting behind the noise, while always maintaining our zero-trust cybersecurity posture in the face of new cyberthreats that are also emerging.

Specifically, Data and artificial intelligence technologies complement and enhance each other to improve processes, providing great added value to advance business objectives faster and more securely. Analyzing the environment, finding behavioral patterns, predicting consumption trends or optimizing processes are just some of the use cases where we can take advantage of its full potential. But where do we start if we want to maximize the value of the data? For the foundations. And for this, first of all, it is essential to have a modern data warehouse. And second, connecting business data and transforming it in a way that is fit for purpose.

Building a modern Data Warehouse

A Data Warehouse provides a centralized and structured repository where data from various sources, such as operational databases, enterprise applications and cloud systems, can be stored. This allows for a comprehensive and unified view of the data, facilitating analysis and accurate reporting.

Some organizations have their own Data Warehouse. Even so, many are still not taking advantage of the benefits of a modern cloud data warehouse, such as scalability, performance, availability, advanced analytics capabilities through AI and cost reduction to create much more flexible, faster and secure data repositories.

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Connecting business data and transforming it appropriately

Once the Data Warehouse is configured, the next step is to connect the necessary business data and transform it in an appropriate way to ensure the quality of the data in the right format, under the principles of integrity, continuity and availability.

Once the data is available in the Data Warehouse and has been transformed, it is possible to start making smarter, evidence-based decisions. Data analysis can reveal patterns, trends and relationships that were not previously visible, allowing organizations to gain valuable insights for strategic decision making. In addition, it can also help identify opportunities for improvement, optimize operations, understand customer behavior and anticipate market trends.

In the current context, the ability to securely connect the organization’s data to ChatGPTThe new solution, following the best security and privacy practices, offers new opportunities to solve different business processes, allowing to take advantage of the knowledge and analytical capacity of the model to obtain information and quick answers about different aspects of the business.

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In conclusion, having a data-driven strategy and knowing how to maximize the potential of new technologies allows companies to unlock the full potential of data to make better decisions, solve problems more efficiently, and gain a competitive advantage.