DATA & AI7 November, 2023 min de lectura

How to manage your data in the cloud without losing control

Data analytics has become a priority for many companies. However, there is one particular feature that makes it difficult to manage: the amount of data is constantly growing. In this article we unlock the key data management challenges so you can overcome them and manage them without losing control.

Companies have large volumes of information, often redundant and disconnected. As has been demonstrated time and again, data alone is not enough. The key lies in the ability to integrate and analyze this data effectively to unlock valuable insights to support strategic decision making.

But how do we analyze our data if it is constantly evolving? Effective data management in the cloud has become a competitive advantage. Those companies that manage, store, organize and secure their data in the cloud without losing control will be more prepared than ever to make better decisions that make a difference.

However, the large amount of information, and the variety of disconnected services and solutions, have brought with them challenges that affect most companies. These challenges, far from being insurmountable obstacles, can be successfully addressed for enterprises to take full advantage of the benefits of cloud data management.

3 main challenges of data management in the cloud

1. Scarce resources

If we imagine the cloud as the home of our data, having the right team and tools to build it and take care of it is essential.

The implementation and management of cloud data platforms usually requires the participation of teams of engineers and developers with high technological expertise and training. However, this can be costly and sometimes almost inaccessible for many organizations.

Lack of data governance

Once we have built our house, it is also important to secure it so as not to put at risk what we have inside. Data governance refers to sound policies, standards and procedures for managing, organizing and protecting data stored in the cloud. Without them, companies can be hit with common cyber-attacks and privacy issues.

3. Search for a single, reliable source

We now have our house ready and secured. But it would be of no use if what we have inside is in disarray.

In the cloud era, companies often have data from a variety of sources, in different formats and often from different vendors. Having a single, reliable source to unify this data, identify it, analyze it and give it a strategic purpose can become a real challenge.

Addressing the challenges of data management in the cloud

As the evolution of data increases and the need for strategic decision making becomes increasingly important, many companies have begun to adopt cloud solutions that are secure, integrated and easy to implement.

The Microsoft cloud offers solutions such as Microsoft Fabric that enable companies to integrate, store, analyze and govern their data from a trusted, unified source.

However, due to a lack of resources and the priority of not compromising security, many digitally ambitious companies choose to rely on a partner to support them and help them maximize the potential of their data through efficient management and ensuring control along the way.

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