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How to host a live event with Microsoft Teams

Cómo hacer un evento en directo en Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the scaffold on which companies build collaboration between work teams . It is the unified work area that integrates everything we need for team productivity, from meetings, chat, sharing files with teams, keeping the planning of our projects synchronized or integrating our favorite applications, whether Office or other third-party ones.

Every few months Microsoft includes enhancements to Teams that make team collaboration even more efficient. And this 2020, full of disruptive changes in our way of working, and therefore of collaborating, has accelerated innovation and brought a wave of news to the platform .

However, sometimes companies do not use the full potential of the tool , either because they do not know what it is capable of or because, even knowing it, no one has shown them how to do it. And this means that, even with the necessary licensing, teams are forced to look for partial solutions from other manufacturers that generates friction in collaboration and slows down productivity.

That is why from Softeng we have released one of our courses, consisting of three videos included in our Minerva training portal, where we show you one of the virtues of Teams incorporated in recent months: live events . With Live Events we can broadcast video content and hold online meetings to the large audiences we want in the simplest and most agile way possible.

With Minerva, our clients learn to use all Microsoft technology and to unleash its full potential through courses and short videos, information pills with a simple, visual format and a 100% practical approach.

Take advantage now, because the course will only be open for the next 15 days!

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