CYBERSECURITY5 February, 2024 min de lectura

How do I know if my company is cyber-resilient?

Your company is cyber-resilient if it is able to anticipate threats, mitigate their potential impact and respond quickly so that business can continue as usual despite a security breach.

The term resilience has become very popular in the cybersecurity field. In short, a resilient environment is one that has the ability to overcome a security incident and maintain business continuity.

But how do I know if my company is cyber-resilient?

The formula for knowing this is simple: if your company were to fall victim to a cyber-attack, such as ransomware, and you believe it would not be able to continue operating, then your company is not cyber-resilient.

We share with you some essential factors to create a resilient environment:

  • Promote a culture of cybersecurity, raising awareness among both management and employees.
  • To have modern security solutions that allow 24×7 monitoring of security incidents and to respond to them quickly and effectively.
  • Establish an incident response plan and improve it based on lessons learned over time.
  • Define, validate and periodically test a business continuity plan.
  • Establish a risk and vulnerability management plan.

In short, it is important to design a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy aligned with business objectives to protect all digital assets wherever they are.

The power of collaboration to increase cyber resilience

The main cyber threats in 2024 will be increasingly effective. Therefore, the collaboration between companies and a partner specialized in cybersecurity is essential to have the necessary expertise and mastery of technology that allows simplifying all the complexity of cybersecurity to manage it efficiently.

Undoubtedly, this is a more than interesting topic for those business leaders with digital ambition. If you want to know more, log on to Max Global Defense and find out how we can help you.