Towa International is the international headquarters of Towa Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company based in Osaka (Japan) that has been dedicated since 1951 to the research, development, and production of high-quality, value-added generic medicines in order to contribute to the overall health of patients. All international markets, except Japan, are managed from Towa International, which was founded in 2020 as a result of internalization, and the company has a direct presence in Spain, Italy, Portugal and the United States, and distributes to more than 30 countries.


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Adopt the cloud to adapt to changes

The pharmaceutical sector is highly complex, driven by innovation and with a great impact on society. It is essential to have a modern, scalable, and secure technological environment to adopt innovation in an agile manner and to be able to adapt quickly to changes, in order to remain competitive and meet the expectations of both healthcare professionals and patients.

At Towa International they are very aware of all this and decided to promote the modernization of their entire technological environment, with a focus on cybersecurity.

Starting from a traditional work environment, with a large part of its infrastructure and resources on-premises, which entails more complex management, they were clear that the solution involved adopting the cloud to have a more secure infrastructure, enable hybrid working and enhance collaboration. To do this, what they needed was a specialist ally to help them proactively move forward.

A specialist ally to move forward, with a support model

Towa International chose Softeng to support them, globally, in their adoption of the cloud with two strategic objectives: the modernization of the workplace and their cybersecurity strategy.

A modern workplace

With the modernization of the workplace, they can offer all employees of Towa International, which has 800 users, many of them front-line users and laboratory technicians, the same experience of working from anywhere, both in the office and teleworking, with Microsoft 365 solutions to increase productivity in a hybrid, secure and scalable work environment.

In addition, they are working on a change adoption plan using one of Softeng’s own solutions to get the most out of Microsoft 365 tools and applications to achieve efficient collaboration and innovation.

A trusted and secure environment

With the aim of protecting identities and providing agile and secure access to corporate data and applications from anywhere, Softeng outlined the cybersecurity strategy according to the needs of Towa International with Microsoft Cloud security solutions.

Through Softeng’s team of cybersecurity experts, an agile implementation and deployment has been carried out, according to the needs and types of users, starting with the protection of email and identities, and the cloud management of devices and applications in Microsoft Intune. In addition, work has also been done on the information architecture and the configuration of the most appropriate government and protection policies.

Among the most concrete benefits after enabling a modern workplace with security, the Towa International IT team has managed to pave the way towards more efficient management, thanks to the centralized visibility of the Microsoft 365 environment in a single point through the Softeng portal and, on the security side, they have already achieved tangible results by reducing the volume of attacks through conditional access rules and increasing the level of defense, especially identity defense.

Key elements of the project

  • Towa International’s firm commitment to the modernization of its technological environment, which translates into a high involvement on the part of its IT team.
  • The support model with Softeng packaged services, which guarantee an agile implementation and deployment.

Towa International’s opinion

With Softeng, we have found the right ally to modernize our workplace, develop the cybersecurity strategy and enable us to take advantage of the full potential of the cloud. We highly value their support model that allows us to progress steadily, meeting objectives, but also adapting to changes or needs that arise

Marc Carbonés

Director of Technology and IT Services at Towa