Ediciones Urano is a publishing house, created in 1983 and with a presence in eight countries, which is made up of a group of people with extensive experience in the publishing world. It has 14 leading imprints such as Empresa Activa, Titania or Umbriel Editores, among others.


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An insufficient and obsolete infrastructure…

Throughout these years, Ediciones Urano has grown, managing its business through an intranet based on SharePoint On-Premises. Due to obsolescence and performance problems, they decided to modernize their infrastructure to allow fast and reliable access to the corporate environment, guarantee security under Zero Trust principles and have a scalable solution.

Zooming in on the problem of an obsolete infrastructure, it generates:

  • Access difficulties and low performance due to saturation of the corporate network and certain applications, which entails a significant loss of productivity since users cannot make efficient use of applications and services.
  • Technical problems that require the IT department to invest a high volume of resources in maintaining the platform, when there are much simpler and more flexible alternatives available on the market—and with better performance.
  • A high security risk, increasing security breaches and leaving the door open to cyberthreats.

Azure Virtual Desktop, an elastic, secure and scalable infrastructure

Driven by the organization’s commitment to promote secure hybrid working and improve the user experience to increase their productivity, Ediciones Urano counted on Softeng to support them in the modernization of their infrastructure, including management, planning, configuration and coordination.

As specialists in Microsoft Cloud solutions, Softeng recommended replacing the legacy SharePoint and remote access service with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and SharePoint on IaaS, thereby obtaining a flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure based on the Azure cloud, which eliminates all the complexities and inefficiencies presented by previous solutions to enable remote working and makes IT management as simple as possible.


  • Increased user productivity by improving application performance and user experience.
  • Increased security and reliability of the virtual desktop environment, minimizing the risks of external attacks involving service downtime, data encryption and/or information ransom requests, among other consequences.
  • Increased scalability and flexibility to be able to administrate and manage, in an agile way and without extra costs, any growth and decrease in the demand for remote desktops by users.
  • Provides more autonomy to the IT department and simplify the management of the environment by freeing them from platform maintenance tasks to focus on those that add the most value.

Ediciones Urano’s opinion

With Softeng, we have managed to meet the expectations of the project, meeting the expected timings and simplifying our IT management. We would highlight their deep technological knowledge of the Microsoft Cloud and, above all, their proactive support model when recommending decisions during the process with solid arguments, and in providing us with the agility and flexibility we need when faced with changes in the priorities or needs of the company.

Ricard Fideu
Head of Technology at Ediciones Urano