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What will happen this year with the annual Softeng and Microsoft event?

Evento anual de Softeng

Every year around this time, we start the engines and start working with enthusiasm in the preparation of the annual Softeng and Microsoft event. An event that over time has been transforming and evolving to become one of the benchmark events in the national panorama of Microsoft cloud solutions. This year, despite the circumstances, we do not want to be less and in this article we will tell you how we are going to do it.

Have you attended a Softeng and Microsoft event? We put you in the background

After more than 15 editions, our events have become an indispensable annual appointment, not only for IT managers, but also for other managers in any sector, motivated to increase the competitive advantage in their organizations.

Evento anual de Softeng

Attendees have the opportunity to learn the keys to accelerating the secure digital transformation of companies and see in a practical way, how a modern organization works, easily understanding the value of the latest news in security, modern collaboration and remote work. They also have the opportunity to network with the rest of the guests and exchange doubts and experience with specialists from both Microsoft and Softeng.

The actual situation

Many of you have asked us about our annual appointment and although we came to consider literally moving it to virtual mode, finally, not without exploring and discussing all the options, we have given up on the idea. It would not have been the same.

Have you for a whole morning in front of the computer? No matter how well we had done it, not even with the best means to broadcast a quality broadcast from a studio, the experience would have been too different from what we are used to. In addition, we would lose what we value the most: The warmth that you offer to the speakers when we see that you continue to enjoy us with attention, your applause, your congratulations and feedback during the meal, in short, seeing and really sharing such an important day with everyone you. So, preparing it as usual and giving up all of the above, we were not excited.

But … we DO NOT want to give up sharing our knowledge and experience with you

And for that reason, we are pleased to announce that we are going to carry out a series of digital events lasting a maximum of 1 hour, which we will celebrate during the year at a monthly rate (except summer), focused on helping the digital transformation of companies. companies safely. As you can imagine, they will not be the typical “PowerPoint webinars” since, following the line of our events, we will do them in an entertaining way, through instructive and understandable demos.

We plan to celebrate these digital events throughout 2021 until next year, when we will be 25 years old and in which we hope to be able to celebrate, this time all together, an event that will pretend to be not only very special, but also the best of our history.

In the coming days we will announce the date of the first of these digital events that will deal with ” How to get the best out of the latest Microsoft Teams news in your organization’s business processes” , for which our Microsoft 365 specialists are already working to show you the most relevant, to make it understandable and of maximum utility.

Stay tuned for our news! ?