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Volotea advances in its security strategy with Softeng

Volotea avanza en su estrategia de seguridad de la mano de Softeng

Volotea is a Spanish airline with headquarters in Barcelona, born in 2011, which has already transported more than 35 million passengers. It has more than 1,300 employees distributed in 17 operational bases throughout Europe and manages 354 routes between 100 cities in 15 countries with a fleet of 40 aircraft. All this thanks to a first class team and a philosophy based on offering a good travel experience at competitive prices.


In the current context of digitalization of companies, the increase in cybersecurity incidents, with the consequent economic loss and reputational crisis that it can generate, and the sophistication of threats, make security a key element to remain competitive in the market and should be treated as a strategic asset at all levels, aligned with the company’s culture and its digital transformation.

In this sense, and being aware of its importance, Volotea has taken a further step in its security strategy in order to optimally manage, administer and protect its devices, emails and identities of its employees , guaranteeing a proactive response and across the entire company against possible incidents or attacks to protect company security.


Softeng, by accompanying Volotea in its digital transformation process , has helped to jointly identify and assess the security situation and needs to determine the optimal layers of action that best suit its corporate environment.

Softeng’s experience and know-how in Microsoft cloud security solutions has been a guarantee that the implementation is agile, without affecting employee productivity.

Layers of performance:

1 – Secure and protect the identity of users , as well as manage and control access to different corporate applications from anywhere.

2 – Effective governance of devices and applications , configuring the company’s own security policies and those recommended by Softeng based on the experience obtained.

3 – Securing email to protect one of the main routes from advanced threats , configuring policies and policies against identity theft (phishing) and other types of malware attacks and spam prevention. On the other hand, it has also helped them comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).


  • Greater operational agility by having an integrated solutions environment in the Microsoft cloud.
  • Simplification and optimization of corporate device governance.
  • Reduction and greater control of costs in IT resources.
  • Increased protection of the identity of users, guaranteeing secure access.
  • Improved user productivity, regardless of where they are.
  • Greater control over corporate information on managed devices.

Softeng accompanies Volotea applying its knowledge and experience to safely advance in the digital transformation process.

Volotea’s opinion

Volotea avanza en su estrategia de seguridad de la mano de Softeng

In VOLOTEA the privacy and protection of our corporate data, of our collaborators and clients is fundamental. To do this, SOFTENG gives us the confidence and peace of mind of having an expert company in Microsoft cloud security that always offers us the solution that best suits our needs and helps us keep our company protected . “                                   

Alex Rodriguez, IT Director at Volotea