News6 July, 20222 min de lectura

Upcoming Digital Event: How to Build a Modern Analytics Platform to Harness the Full Potential of Data

Nuevo evento DATA & IA

In recent years we have been experiencing a real revolution around advanced analytical processes based on artificial intelligence and machine learning , which allow companies to turn their data into a strategic asset if they know how to make the most of its potential.

In this context, on the one hand, the cloud and the digitization of processes have facilitated and exponentially multiplied the generation of information related to the business. And, on the other hand, the creation of new platforms, tools and analysis methodologies have diversified the origins and sources of data; making its management and exploitation even more complex to convert data into valuable information and actionable business insights.

From Softeng, in our next digital event we will delve into the challenges that companies face in creating their analysis systems and all the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence and machine learning in a data solution, with the aim of helping you to have a broader view of the Microsoft Azure tools currently available to make a Data project a success.

In the event we will see in a real and practical way:

  • Criteria to consider when deciding your data ingestion strategy, with a demo of efficient storage and real-time data ingestion to Azure Data Lake Storage.
  • The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in a Data & Analytics solution.
  • Real-time data visualization and alerts with Power BI.

In a few weeks we will announce the dates and open the inscriptions. Don’t miss it!